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Fantasy Life getting online mode, paid DLC in 2013

- new elements being added due to the game's success
- online mode, paid DLC in 2013
- new quest
- increase to the characters' level cap
- more content will be coming in the future

Thanks to VGAMER for the heads up!


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User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:15

Wow! Awesome! Now, for it to come here... :P
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:29

Now who gave this a negative vote?

More content sounds awesome. Now all we need is the game coming to the west!
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:39

Now all they need to add is a North American mode.
No Avatar
02 Feb 2013 15:46

That got me thinking, if this game can be patched to get an online mode, can older games get patched to have voice chat?
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 16:41

I wonder if this is one of the games Nintendo is "planning" to localize. Considering their outstanding relationship with LEVEL 5
User avatar
02 Feb 2013 23:50

You can patch in online? Never heard of that one.

Lol, nice.


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