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Spending a snow day with DuckTales

One of my friends is a teacher. If you've listened to our podcast in the past, you know my friend as R-Type. He happened to have a half-day today because of the snowy weather in NJ, so he stopped by our place for a bit. While here, he had a hankering for some DuckTales on the NES. My NES is always ready to go, so we fired the game up and had at it.

Playing the game on a snow day like this brought us right back to our younger days. I felt like capturing a bit of the fun on video, which you can find below. Nothing special, but it's a memory I wanted to preserve. Sometimes it's nice to sit down, play some NES and enjoy being trapped inside due to the weather.

Direct link here

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08 Feb 2013 21:51

Definitely a game that will always be amazing. Can't mess with the classics. :)
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08 Feb 2013 21:57

That's it!! I'm firing up Duck Tales right now! Ahh...the good ol' days.

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