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I'm sure you all know what the hot topic is for this show, but we try and lighten the mood with some other fun stories and off-topic conversation. We even have Mom Brain doing music again, but this time she got everything ready before the show! It goes off without a hitch! Also...there might be a little bit of the Harlem Shake in this episode.

Download the show here (thanks Poopaloop!)

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10 Feb 2013 04:17

sorry, rawmeats. i know rayman legend's developers might beg us not to boycott the game, but when the game bombs, i hope he keeps his wits about him and realizes he should be pissed at the publisher (ubisoft) and not us for the game doing poorly. plus, if they had to hold off a release this month for the wii u because of microsoft's freaking insane rules, they should have not gone multiplatform at all until after the wii u game was released. a demo as a bonus is a joke. it's still all so raw to me.... :cry:
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10 Feb 2013 08:59

This was the game that made me want a WiiU. I have been waiting for this game for months but having it so close and then pulled away really puts me off. I haven't played my WiiU in months. Everything thats out I either have on another system or doesn't hold my interest. When September comes I won't be able to buy the game, I'll be broke at college. I've personally regretted my day 1 basic WiiU purchase...a lot of issues with the OS, the lack of games,...I feel like I should of waited a year after launch.
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11 Feb 2013 23:33

Finally, my last song from the 'songs I sent back when it was okay to send multiple songs in a ZIP file' was played! None of the information/hints were given though, and no one got it. (Such as saying 'by the way I couldn't record the 3DS version and no one has a good version up on Youtube yet(at the time I sent all those in) so it's actually the Dreamcast DOA2 version' or that it even was a 3DS fighting game... ah well.

Well now I'm going to have to get myself to send in one new song every week(once the previous one is played of course). Still no idea which ones I should do since there's that whole thing with some being easily recognizable or not recognizable at all, but I'm sure I can come up with something maybe. Just glad to finally have all of those done now!

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