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Pachter says no GTAV on Wii U, will see lower third party support than Wii

The poor sales of the Wii U in January are likely to impact third party publisher plans to support the console. Notice that GTAV is not on the Wii U; that wasn't a typo, they don't see enough promise in sales to cause them to spend extra development dollars on a Wii U version. I have spoken to several publishers who are skeptical, and I think that the Wii U will see a lower level of third party support than the Wii did, unless sales materially improve. If I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but without third party titles, Nintendo will not generate its customary levels of royalties, and losses or break even could become the norm. - Michael Pachter

This E3 is going to be a majorly important one for Nintendo. They really, really need to knock it out of the park with the Wii U. We may feel differently about the Wii U's future, but public opinion can go a long way in hurting a business. That's even if that perception isn't based on fact.

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