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RUMOR - Strider getting a digital remake?

We don't know if this is going to land on Wii U, but with Capcom's comments on future Wii U support, let's hope this heads our way. Looks like some Strider-related materials have been leaked via Xbox Live and Steam. Logos and character icons have appeared, like the one above. Cross your fingers tight for a PAX East reveal that includes Wii U.


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No Avatar
18 Mar 2013 21:43

Lol i bet it won't be on Wii u unless they started on it after they got the dev kits
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 21:49

Watched the Game Grumps play the (Saturn/PSX?) version of Strider 2. I'm all for hack and slashers.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 21:56

With how things are going, I'm preparing for disappointment. Capcom, please prove me wrong.
No Avatar
18 Mar 2013 21:58

not expecting it , and btw that steam rumor also highlighted kof XIII for pc , so basically again the wii u will be the only one without that game . And kof 13 to me is the greatest 2d fighting game right now , well if it's on pc at least i can still play with my wii 1 classic controller pro , so that's great .
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 22:02

Well, damn. This will be the first game since Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled that will actually make me sad that I don't buy Capcom games anymore.

Of course, the game could be shovel. I'm guessing a $15-30 HiDef remake of the original with Strider's spiffier Marvel VS. Capcom look, with every two levels being $9.99 each, already in your game. That sounds likely, so I won't get my hopes up. When it comes to disappointing, Capcom never disappoints. Maybe this will finally be the exception to that record, now over three years strong.

Capcom. If that second game you announce is a Mega Man title with any amount of effort put into it and on any platform of your choice that isn't a G**d**** cell phone, I will buy both it and Strider on day one.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 22:12

I hope Capcom announces it this weekend! I'll be at their booth playing Remember Me and Monster Hunter.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 23:03

Strider is awesome, and if it doesn't come to Wii U I'll be sad... They may surprise us like with RER though!
No Avatar
18 Mar 2013 23:05

But if you guysa re really expecting a Wii U version don't get mad if it won't happen. It takes time to make a good port and if they half ass it because we want a new game on WII U then they will think it is okay to do that.
User avatar
18 Mar 2013 23:21

Honestly, with the eruption of Nintendo fans commanding Capcom for this game, it'd be a smart business strategy to release on the Wii U. Hell anything that hints at "exclusive content" to the system allows many of them to blindly dive right in. Not sure why but some just eat it up without previous knowledge of said game.
User avatar
19 Mar 2013 06:33

Capcom's support this year will probably end at MH and RE:Revelations HD.
No Avatar
19 Mar 2013 09:26

This would be awesome, especially if it includes new content. Please include new content! Please? Really hate it when remakes are done and there's nothing new in them (or minimal amounts of new things...cough OOT 3D cough).

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