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Capcom on wanting to work with WayForward again, DuckTales Remastered difficulty, context and Wii U features

The following info comes from a Dtoid interview with Capcom producer Rey Jimenez...

On Capcom's desire to work with WayForward again...

"Disney actually suggested WayForward. In my mind, WayForward was just the perfect match. They handled practically all of the production side like pros. The game has been in development for around a year, and we would love to work with them again...yes, retro or otherwise."

- Ducktales Remastered is running on the Mighty Switch Force engine

On Extreme mode being more difficult than the original...

On Extreme though, that's actually harder than the original. You'll have less hearts than the NES game and there's some challenging reworks.

On adding context to levels and bosses...

"Yeah actually that was one of the designers favorite parts of the new game, figuring out context. For instance, in the Himalayas level, Webby is a stowaway on Launchpad's plane, and stuff like that. The moon level was really interesting. You know how the boss was just that giant rat? Well WayForward came up with this whole backstory, like how the aliens abduct and test different animals, and how sometimes they get away. That giant rat is actually an escaped mutated experiment."

On revamping the final part of the game...

"Just know that the very last part of the NES game, where you're climbing up that rope; we made it a lot more fun and interactive. You'll see!"

On supporting Wii U and the Wii U GamePad features...

"Well, whatever is best for the game. In this particular case, given the history of the series with Nintendo, we felt it was right. The Wii U GamePad in Ducktales Remastered will be used to view the map, and will have full remote play features."


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No Avatar
25 Mar 2013 16:28

Capcom doing more collaborations with WayForward?

Well I got a "Mega Man X" vibe from Mighty Switch Force...

/hint hint
No Avatar
25 Mar 2013 16:47

Does "full remote play features" mean off-TV play? I really hope so.

@tendoboy1984 - I would love to see the Mega Man franchise handled by WayForward. I think they are one of the few developers that could actually do it justice and also further it. They have very quickly become one of my favorite developers.
No Avatar
25 Mar 2013 18:30


Well Inti Creates did an amazing job with Mega Man 9 & 10. But they're made up of many former Capcom employees, so they're pretty experienced with the franchise anyways.

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