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Ubisoft Mexico's April Fool's Day joke - Hylian Creed

This is one of the few April Fool's Day jokes I'll share, just because I like it so much! Thanks to Darlux for the heads up.


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01 Apr 2013 16:49

even link cant save THIS franchise.
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01 Apr 2013 16:55

I always felt that the AC franchise borrowed a TON from Zelda, so this is kind of cool. It will never happen (nor do i want it to) but it's cool
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01 Apr 2013 16:55

They should have waited until December.

By the way, I swear I saw that image before sans Wii U stuff and maybe the logo.
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01 Apr 2013 18:05

I'd buy it. Hey Ubisoft, make this an exclusive Wii U costume in AC4!
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01 Apr 2013 18:19

this is old i saw this before
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01 Apr 2013 18:57


I agree, i would buy it. A pirate Link outfit to tie into the remake of Wind Waker would be pretty cool.
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01 Apr 2013 20:25

LegendofSantiago wrote:I always felt that the AC franchise borrowed a TON from Zelda

-Multiple protagonists, in different eras
-After a short introduction, they are handed the iconic outfit
-Explore overworld, unlock new areas
-Occasionally enter dungeons
-Hidden treasure chests everywhere
-There's only money in them, though. You got more than enough money
No Avatar
01 Apr 2013 22:45

There are no dungeons or puzzles in the AC games. It's all climbing, interrogating people, and assassinations. So what exactly does the franchise borrow from Zelda?

Also, how could this be old if Ubisoft made it as an April Fools joke?

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