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Delta Six Kickstarter resurfaces with new goal (Wii U compatible gun accessory)

Kickstarter here and hands-on here

Miami, Florida, May 8-- Inventor David Kotkin announced today the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for the Delta Six: his new game controller that will take first person shooter games like the newly announced Call of Duty: Ghosts to the next level. Kotkin hopes that this revolutionary controller will impress the mature gamer audience.

The Kickstarter campaign site is here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/356540105/297068986

With its sophisticated features and realistic aesthetics, the Delta Six has also impressed former executives from Activision. Here's how Kotkin describes his discussions with them:

"They saw the great potential and were very interested in the possibilities. We discussed how it could be compared to IMAX movies and how you have to offer more to not be taken over by the competition." Kotkin continued, "We were in agreement that Delta could be a Blockbuster with the proper support. They saw Kickstarter as a good test to see if they will give that support."

The Delta Six mirrors the look of a modern military combat rifle, including real time aiming as well as a kickback sensation. The Delta Six was developed using IR sensors, accelerometers and gyroscopes to provide unparalleled arcade experience. The Delta Six is compatible with XBOX, Play Station 3, and PC systems. The Delta Six can also be upgraded to the Next Generation systems like Playstation 4 with a downloadable patch. Kotkin also said, "The coding for the Delta will be using an Arduino programming language, making personal coding easy."

IGN has positively reported, "Not only is this coolest controller, but it makes the player using it look like a total badass."

"It's always difficult to gauge the quality of gun controllers without actually trying one out, but it appears the ambitious Delta Six is in some competent hands as It's creator also made the highly-praised Avenger Controller."

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10 total comments (View all)
User avatar
08 May 2013 12:51

Where does it say it's compatible with Wii U?
No Avatar
08 May 2013 13:01

Broken_Cartridge wrote:Where does it say it's compatible with Wii U?

It mentions next-gen consoles
User avatar
08 May 2013 13:04

Looks cool, but I will have to try it before i buy into it, so I'm not jumping in on this kickstarter (I already have a Novint falcon, and its a billion times better)
No Avatar
08 May 2013 14:49

A gun accessory for dual analog controls. Interesting?
No Avatar
08 May 2013 16:01

I haven't read much into this, but I'm reminded of playing a FPS on the Wii using the Wii Zapper shell.
User avatar
08 May 2013 18:23

Oh god, that lag on the iron sights is ABYSMAL.
User avatar
08 May 2013 19:19

So basically this is to mimic what Wii Zapper could a do 5 years ago.
User avatar
08 May 2013 22:38

This is much more accurate to being a gun than the zapper. I've thought of a thing like this for a while, hopefully it does good.
User avatar
08 May 2013 23:16

Aiddon wrote:
Broken_Cartridge wrote:Where does it say it's compatible with Wii U?

It mentions next-gen consoles

I think it has pretty much been proven that the industry doesn't view the Wii U as "next gen" even though it is.
User avatar
09 May 2013 10:28

Uranio23 wrote:So basically this is to mimic what Wii Zapper could a do 5 years ago.


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