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Devolution homebrew app allows play of GameCube games on Wii U

You might have to go through the Wii backwards compatibility on Wii U to do it, but apparently it works. Devolution allows you to play your GameCube titles on Wii U. The problem is, as far as I can tell, you can't just slide your GameCube games into your Wii U. We're getting into shady territory from here on out, so the decision on what you feel is 'right' is yours to make.


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05 Jul 2013 14:25

robometal cowboy wrote:We're getting into shady territory from here on out, so the decision on what you feel is 'right' is yours to make.

What shady territory? DevolUtion has a anti piracy mechanic. You can only use your own dumped games.
To use DevolUtion on your Wii U, you still need a Wii to dump and verify the backups.
No Avatar
05 Jul 2013 16:21

The Wii U is probably the only console that can emulate ALL Nintendo consoles, from NES to the 3DS!! (autostereoscopy to active-passive 3D on the emulator)

Something to think about...

PS: WiiU pro cotroller support!!!! SOLD!
User avatar
05 Jul 2013 16:40

3DS... I don't think that this will be possible. DS emulation on the Wii wasn't really good. The Wii U will never be able to emulate Wii or GameCube games. It hasn't enough power to do that. But the Wii U is a more powerful Wii and the Wii is a more powerful GameCube. Wii and GameCube games can run nativly on the Wii U without any problems.
No Avatar
05 Jul 2013 17:00

ehm...the Wiiu is the same architecture as the Wii AND the GC, hence the perfect backward compatibility with Wii games and since the Wii was a souped up GC, GC emulation on the wiiU is a walk in the park when coding an emulator.

DS emulation has problems on the PC as well since not enough is known about the system itself but in terms of processing power, the wiiU is far more than 10 times that of the DS so it is definitely possible. (general empirical rule of thumb about emulation)

As for the 3DS,128 MB FCRAM, 6 MB VRAM and an ARM11 CPU is DEFINITELY possible to emulate on the WiiU without frameskip as long as the way the console works is found out.
User avatar
05 Jul 2013 20:20


What are you talking about? That's not how emulation works. While Wii U's processing power is obviously far beyond the 3DS's, emulation of a system intends to replicate the whole hardware virtually, which is very resource-consuming, as well as run the bios of the Wii U at the same time.

You can play GC and Wii games on your Wii U due to the fact that those games are running natively through the Wii's components inside the Wii U, emulation has nothing to do with it. All systems up to N64 should run great, but don't ask for miracles. 3DS emulation is just a different beast altogether.

In other words: Emulating a system =/= running games from a system natively.
User avatar
05 Jul 2013 20:32

Other than Dualshock 3 support, this what Nintendo should have done with the emulation. I guess the 100% BC was a priority, but if this hack works flawlessly then they have no justification.

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