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Target inventory tracking system reveals The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker deluxe Wii U bundle

Looks like the bundle we all expected just got a little more official. This comes from a Target employee that snapped a pic. Will this bundle be enough to spur on sales this holiday?


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User avatar
20 Aug 2013 10:43

If it's a gold console with Wind Waker included on a disc and not in a digital download, I know one sale it will spur: mine!
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 10:44

Sounds like a good deal, not sure if it includes Nintendo land though. It's basically getting a Wii U with a game for free. Went on to neogaf to see what people think just to find everyone hates it...I shouldn't go to neogaf that much
No Avatar
20 Aug 2013 10:48

I just watched E3 2003 again, and I remember Iwata saying how much of a disappointment Wind Waker sales were. I'm not massively surprised they are making a bundle out of it. They've seen fit to resurrect it, why not give it the most exposure possible, right?

I just think sales of this are going to be sobering for Nintendo -again.
No Avatar
20 Aug 2013 10:57

nGen wrote:If it's a gold console with Wind Waker included on a disc and not in a digital download, I know one sale it will spur: mine!

Same here.
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 11:00

Aww man, I guess I'll stick with my black Wii U :\ Maybe I can make it Zelda themed myself instead of buying a new console.
No Avatar
20 Aug 2013 11:15

This game is about a decade old and I hope Ninty doesnt think thats its going to be a system seller.
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 11:17

While I'm all in support of a Zelda bundle, I can't help but have this feeling of "been there, done that". Perhaps some people that missed out on the original will be motivated to buy this. HOWEVER, if it were an entirely new Zelda bundle... that would be a major seller.
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 11:31

If the console is gold I'll buy it again xD
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 11:36

Do some of you realize that someone who was born the day the Wind Waker came out would now be four years older than I was when I played my first Zelda game? I mean a lot of these games can be enjoyed by children who never had a gamecube. Or by Wii owners who never wanted to buy a Gamecube memory card thingy.
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 12:59

@LegendofSantiago It's NeoGaf.

So Wii U at the same price with a free game, whereas the PS4 would be about $100 more [for the system and a game, this isn't even including the online sub], and the Xbone double that.

The first of many bundles I imagine. Nintendo will make a killing this holiday :)
User avatar
20 Aug 2013 19:48

Nah, it's not enough. They need more bundles (along with special Wii U colors perhaps) on the market for holidays, the casuals need something too, Zelda's not gonna bring them in.

Wii Fit U bundle might be a wise choice by Nintendo. Yes, there would be additional hardware needed to be included (balance board and pedometer) which would raise the costs, but the fact is the original Wii Fit has sold around 25 million units worldwide (third best selling videogame ever) and the sequel also sold 20+ million copies, so offering the casual gamers an attractively priced bundle deal could really help drive the sales.

Wii Party U is also launching before holidays, the first Wii Party has sold around 9 million units worldwide (if not more), but I don't know if that's necessarily a system seller title to be included in a bundle. Then again, I don't know if Wind Waker HD is, either, so I guess Wii Party U bundle could similarly be an option and is certainly better than nothing for casuals. Depends a lot on the quality of the game, too.

Shame about Mario Kart 8 moving to spring, that game bundled up with the system would've really moved units. I guess Super Mario 3D World bundle would make a lot of sense to Nintendo too and is probably a given, Mario almost always delivers on the quality and sales.

So, in addition to Wind Waker bundle I propose for Nintendo to release, for holidays:

- Wii Fit U bundle (white console + balance board + pedometer + game either on disc or preinstalled)
- alternatively, if that is deemed too costly, a Wii Party U bundle (possibly a special color console + one Wiimote)
- Super Mario 3D World bundle (possibly a special color console and original Super Mario World as a free download)

Shame about the fact that it's hard to get shelf space for too many SKU's at once, so I had to leave Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze bundle out of the equation. Sorry DK!

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