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New York Post reports on fans already lining up for Pokemon X/Y

Thanks to KirbyGCN for the heads up!

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02 Oct 2013 22:17

The Pokemania has officially begun.
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02 Oct 2013 22:21

Wow, they are better off driving to Canada and buying a copy now.
User avatar
02 Oct 2013 23:09

Note to self: Avoid going to work through Rockefeller Plaza for the next two weeks.
User avatar
03 Oct 2013 00:11

Huh, so that explains the short line that was forming when I left Nintendo World on Monday afternoon.
User avatar
03 Oct 2013 04:07

What a waste of time. Get off my lawn!
No Avatar
03 Oct 2013 17:34

I don't see what's the point.
It's just another week. They should at least line up on a Thursday.

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