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Nintendo Holiday Mall Experience 2013 - locations announced

November 25 to December 22, Nintendo will visit 23 locations nationwide to give holiday shoppers a chance to experience the Wii U console, the recently released Nintendo 2DS and the Nintendo 3DS family, and an amazing software lineup of fan favorites. You may even get to take a picture with one of your favorite Nintendo characters!

Check for locations/dates here (thanks to all that sent this in!)

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09 Nov 2013 19:37

Shame, there's been one mall by me that's been doing this for about 4 years now. It's absent from the list. Oh well, there's still one that's a little further away. Guess I'll just have to travel longer this year.
No Avatar
09 Nov 2013 20:23

Damn, closest one is in Texas.
No Avatar
09 Nov 2013 21:57

Why is there never a location in Sacramento? It's the capital of California for- argh. It's always south cali. Roseville has a pretty big mall with tons of people in it. =/
User avatar
10 Nov 2013 00:10

No Ohio? No surprise, sadly...
User avatar
10 Nov 2013 04:17

What's that by Mario's left foot? Did he step on an ice cream cone?

OF COURSE they would not come to my state. *sigh*
User avatar
10 Nov 2013 12:58

kernal wrote:No Ohio? No surprise, sadly...

The odd thing is, there was actually one held at the South Park Mall (Strongsville). I want to say it was 2011 that they did it. I don't recall that it was actually ever mentioned in the tour dates, but it definitely was there. I have a Zekrom pin that they gave me for coming there. Of course, it was also somewhat funny, because every game they were demoing, I already had. ^^;

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