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21 Jan 2014 11:47

it's sad and surreal to see nintendo re-releasing these same exact titles from the wii vc, at an even slower pace and with less variety, on the wii u.

If in ten years the Wii U is finally hacked, I have no doubt that just about any NES, SNES, N64, or GBA rom will play perfectly on the gamepad or upscaled on the TV screen using a single nes emulator, snes emulator, etc.. Having immediate access to our entire wii vc library via transfer - with upscaling, gamepad play, and non-quarantined access to those games on the wii u's regular game menu - could and should have been a major selling point for the wii u. Rather than artificially gating access to fundamental wii u features, charging extra for them on a per game basis, and taking 7 years to rerelease the same gams, the honest way to create revenue would have been to continue adding NEW, previously unavailable VC titles to the library and/or to create new remix versions of games with new levels and enhanced graphics, etc. Nintendo should be selling real value rather than "perceived value."

there are always people who will insist that there must be some kind of intense effort required for nintendo to "fine tune each title for the gamepad" or to "customize the emulator for each game", but that makes no sense. The emulation work (if any) was already done for the wii. Upscaling to the higher resolution and transmitting data to the gamescreen in the appropriate size are undoubtedly processes that can be done by a single piece of software. It would make no sense for each game to require individual handling. I have faith that Nintendo's programmers are more talented and efficient than that.
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21 Jan 2014 13:21

Arino will be happy about this.
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21 Jan 2014 22:19

And I will buy it again. This series needs a reboot!

I get a discount for owning it on Wii, yes?

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