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McDonald's next Happy Meal to feature Pokemon X/Y toys

Thanks to Alejandro for the heads up!


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27 Apr 2014 16:06

Those are a bit...naff.
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27 Apr 2014 18:42

Great...first Mario and now this...Why not in my country :( I would buy so many happy meals...
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28 Apr 2014 02:11

Talk about a decline in quality. I collected all of the Black/White era toys (both waves, for that matter), but these are awful. It's just a piece of plastic with a Pokémon on it in front of a Pokéball. And they didn't even bother to use a variety of real Pokéballs! I mean, come on, there are more than enough in existence to replace these weird pallet swaps. Eh. Disappointed.

Apparently, naff is British for "stupid."
User avatar
28 Apr 2014 12:44

There will probably never be Pokemon toys as cool as those old Burger King Kids Meal ones...
User avatar
29 Apr 2014 13:43

mock turtle wrote:Apparently, naff is British for "stupid."

It's more like along the lines of 'lame' or 'crappy'.

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