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Evil Controllers' Mario Kart 8-themed Wii U Pro Controllers now on sale

Grab yours here


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User avatar
27 May 2014 13:28

Wonder if these register as Pro controllers or classic controllers

edit: nvm these are custom pro. thought they were licensed.
User avatar
27 May 2014 13:30

It's cool but $80? No thanks.
User avatar
27 May 2014 13:42

Too expensive and I will never buy another Pro Controller unless Nintendo makes a new revision with a headset jack on it. Was a pretty dumb ass idea to have a awesome controller like that and it not have a headset jack especially when Nintendo doesn't officially support Wireless headset.
User avatar
27 May 2014 14:52

I never, as a practice, get off-brand (IE non-first-party) controllers, for any console.
User avatar
27 May 2014 17:25

By the way these are not off-brand/3rd party controllers. These are Official Nintendo WiiU Pro Controllers they just have modified shells.
No Avatar
27 May 2014 18:16

Tempting actually, wonder what it'd take for them to do a commission for a Samus Pro Controller :)
User avatar
27 May 2014 20:15


Then why are they branded "Evil Controllers"?

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