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EoD - Warriors cast

EoD - SS motion

GN Podcast #466

EoD - Zelda music

EoD - Fatal Frame

EoD - Smash C-stick

Bombing Bastards - video feature

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Mega Man Battle Network due out on Wii U VC July 31st

The latest Nintendo Minute features a trip to Capcom, which also brings a bit of good news for Mega Man fan. Mega Man Battle Network is going to be released on the Wii U VC in North America come July 31st.


Internal Invasion - review

A portion of a 4cr review...

Internal Invasion is a colorful indie release with the right amount of content… for now. The promise of a more polished game (with a patch that will get rid of the slowdown at the start of some levels) as well as of extra levels at no charge will eventually make this even better.

Full review here

One Piece: Unlimited World Red - review

A portion of a NWR review...

There’s plenty of fun to be had in this exciting new adventure. The game looks and feels great. The story is solid and fun at the same time. There’s very little not to love if you’re a fan of the series. From fighting your favorite enemies to building a town from nothing, there’s plenty to do in One Piece Unlimited World Red.

Full review here

Nintendo Minute -- Capcom Visit

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Mario Kart 8 - Champions of San Diego tournament

The Deer God - more footage

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The Denpa Men blog update - Lottery

Have you tried the lottery? Lottery Shop appears after helping the Dwarf granny in Cannon Village. It is a place where you can try lottery to win rare items. It costs one lottery ticket per draw.

You might be frustrated with not being able to win items that you want... Unfortunately, there are no tips. This is all about luck. You just have to keep trying until you get the items you want!

However, we can help you with getting lottery tickets so you can play the Lottery! You can find lottery tickets from treasure chests in dungeons like Cave of Darkness 1. Also, if you send your Denpa Men to a dungeon using the Exploration Base that we talked about in our last blog, they sometimes come back with a lottery tickets! Go try your luck at Lottery Shop!


Circle teasing more localized eShop games

Fan-Art: Pokemon animated GIFs

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