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Comparing the cost differences between Pokemon Shuffle mobile/3DS

Wondering what the monetary differences are with the mobile and 3DS versions of Pokemon Shuffle? Our friends at Dtoid have put together some handy comparison images to show you which version of the game is trying to get more pretty pennies out of your pocket.

Pokemon Shuffle

Sakaguchi - Final Fantasy VI didn't originally sell well in the states

Coming from Sakaguchi...

"In terms of numbers, [Final Fantasy VI] didn't sell in the States. It actually did very well in Japan. I'm mystified, because I see [Americans] are playing the [mobile] version. I think size of the characters really matters to an American audience, so from Final Fantasy VII onward, we used bigger characters. [I think] that's why Final Fantasy VII took off. But I am kind of mystified [by VI's current popularity in the West], because [Americans] didn't buy Final Fantasy VI back then."

GameStop - New 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle sold out

Looks like our Animal Crossing friends joined up with Link. Just like the Legend of Zelda New 3DS XL that went live the other day, now the New 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle is sold out. Again, no word on any restocks at this time, but we'll certainly keep tabs on the situation.

Amazon Canada - Yoshi's Woolly World, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer preorders open

You can also go ALL out and preorder the New 3DS bundle as seen above. Click here to check that out.