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Parents Play: DKC

GN Podcast 500 ideas

EoD - After Wii U...

EoD - Game length

GN Podcast #497

Parents Play: KRtDL

Splatoon - Todays picture translations

"We had previously discovered this creature, but now we know it's name - 'Takozonesu'. Similar to the Inklings, she was the ability to fight by transforming between octopus and human forms and is one of the elite soldiers in the Octarian Army. They seem to be strong enemies who can effectively use the shot guns and bomb weapons."

"the 'Takozonesu' can also appear in groups.
It's hard to win while fighting off multiple of these ladies at one time.
So you should aim to kill them individually.
Ah, that's not something I learned from Cap'n Cuttlefish - I thought it up by myself."

Thanks to J22 for the heads up!


3DS - Two Monster Hunter themes available

Thanks to RD for the heads up!

Watch my Dad talk about his shoes while playing Donkey Kong Country

Just incase you missed it last night, here's another look at the latest entry in our 'My Parents Play' feature. This time my parents have a go at Donkey Kong Country. Once again, there are many struggles to be had. On top of that, my Dad makes some REALLY weird comments this time! For example...

If you like that, please check out the full video! We'd also really appreciate if you subscribed to our YouTube channel. That is, if you actually like the videos!

Pokemon news - Eon ticket available until Monday

Dan Adelman talks indie game pricing, applauds Nintendo's approach to value

Coming from his blog...

The Economics 101 approach to pricing is fairly straightforward. There is a group of potential buyers out there. Each one makes an independent assessment of what they feel your game is worth. If you have perfect information about what each person’s maximum willingness to pay is, you could pick the price point that will maximize revenue (price x quantity sold,where the higher the price is, the lower the quantity sold will be and vice versa), and therefore profits. In the case of digitally distributed videogames, once the game is done, maximizing revenue and profits is the same thing, since all of the costs are sunk/fixed. There are no real incremental costs to producing more copies of your game that factor into the decision.

Anyone whose maximum willingness to pay was higher than the price you set is getting a great deal. Anyone whose maximum price is equal to your price is indifferent between buying your game and not. Some developers and publishers try to make sure that no one is getting too great a deal. For anyone whose willingness to pay is really high, you can offer things like season passes, DLC, or other high margin items to capture all of that extra money. I personally find that kind of thing hard to do in a tasteful way. UbiSoft, EA, and Zynga don’t seem to have much of a problem with it.


I’ve said some good things and some not so good things about my former employer, Nintendo. But one thing I think they have gotten exactly right over the years is that they’ve sent a clear signal to the world that people shouldn’t just wait for a price drop. If you want to play Super Mario 3D World on Wii U, you know it’s going to be $59.99. (Again, I’ll ignore the used game market for now. Separate post.) It doesn’t matter that it’s a year and a half old. Nintendo was able to make a game for which there is no suitable substitute, and they’ve sent a clear signal that they’re standing by what they think it’s worth.

Full blog here

News of Nintendo World Store's new supply of various amiibo causes big line

Direct link here (thanks KirbyGCN!)

The Fold - Pikmin 3 BINGO battle

Direct link here

Olli Olli - Wii U, 3DS details

- use the Circle Pad, two face buttons and a shoulder button
- perform combinations of moves while in the air or grinding on rails
- unlock requirements to move on
- also includes 'perfect' requirements
- 60fps on both Wii U and 3DS
- on 3DS, the viewpoint is further out
- 2D-only on 3DS due to technical practicalities
- tiny input lag to the TV if playing on Wii U, just as per Vita to PS4
- available moves are always displayed on the bottom screen/GamePad screen


Dtoid Beard View - The Legend of Legacy

Direct link here

Fan-Art: Custom Legend of Zelda GameCube

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