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GoNintendo Video - Today's BIG Story for Dec. 9th, 2016: Miyamoto's mysterious Mario shirt

It's time for Today's BIG Story for Dec. 9th, 2016. Something is up with Shigeru Miyamoto's Mario shirt from his Tonight Show appearance, and we're going to get to the bottom of it!

Majesco exits game industry, merges with medical company

SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ--(Marketwired - Dec 8, 2016) - Majesco Entertainment, Inc. (NASDAQ: COOL) ("Majesco"), announced today it had signed a definitive merger agreement with PolarityTE, Inc. ("Polarity") www.polarityte.com. Polarity is an entirely new and radically unique regenerative medicine company committed to developing the first forms of functionally-polarized autologous tissues for use in medical procedures requiring reconstructive applications by surgeons and wound care specialists.

Upon the closing of the transactions, Polarity will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Majesco. Majesco will issue preferred stock in the transaction which, when converted, would represent approximately 50% of the issued and outstanding common stock of Majesco on a fully diluted basis. In connection with the merger agreement, Majesco also entered into stock purchase agreements for the purchase of 750,000 shares of common stock at a purchase price of $3.00 per share to accredited investors for gross proceeds of $2,250,000.

At signing of the merger agreement, Dr. Denver Lough, was named Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Majesco (to be renamed PolarityTE, Inc.) and Dr. Edward Swanson was named Chief Operating Officer and Director. Both Dr. Lough and Dr. Swanson had worked as residents in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the esteemed Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In leaving Johns Hopkins careers as plastic surgeons, they hope to be able to impact as many patients as possible by developing and translating the technology of PolarityTE into a clinical reality. The company will be headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah where the Company is establishing its biomedical R&D facilities and tissue manufacturing center.

"We did not leave our resident careers at Johns Hopkins Hospital to merely change biotech -- we left to change the future of medicine. This opportunity allows us to disrupt the field with our entirely new proprietary technology platform across a wide variety of tissues so that all patients will eventually be offered a pragmatic method of regenerative wound healing and personalized tissue engineering. Our goals are simple: A superior technology, a superior team and a superior network of world leaders in translational medicine to augment the delivery of autologous products for the regeneration of self," said Dr. Lough who continued "We sincerely wish to thank Barry Honig, the Majesco Board of Directors and Dr. Phillip Frost for their confidence in PolarityTE and we promise to not disappoint."

Newly appointed COO, Dr. Edward Swanson, echoed Dr. Lough's statements and added, "PolarityTE will change the landscape of regenerative medicine, beginning with our first target tissue: skin. Prior to the groundbreaking discovery by Dr. Lough, the world had never seen true regeneration of functional skin, including all layers and hair. Skin regeneration of this magnitude is thought of as the holy grail by burn surgeons."

Barry Honig, former CEO of Majesco, said, "We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to merge with PolarityTE. PolarityTE's entirely new concept in tissue engineering will revolutionize the future of regenerative medicine and help address critical unmet medical needs. In addition to their wildly novel technology, what further lead to our excitement in this deal with PolarityTE was their unmatched clinical advisory board, signaling to us the tremendous momentum behind this company and its technology. I have no doubt that PolarityTE will be the name in autologous tissue engineering in the future after meeting with their leadership, seeing their technology, and speaking with members of their clinical advisory board."
The merger, which has been approved by the board of directors of both companies, is subject to certain closing conditions, including NASDAQ approval, approval by stockholders of Majesco, minimum cash balance of Majesco at closing, and other customary closing conditions.

Does this one logo on the Switch give hope for the region-free rumor?

Have you noticed the CE symbol on the back of the Nintendo Switch? Perhaps you have, but what's the big deal about it? Well if you look at other consoles from an non-EU region, you'll see that the CE logo isn't there. That's because the device isn't intended to be sold in the European markets. On the flip side, most phones have both the FCC and CE logo on them, since we usually have one model of phone meant for sale in all regions.

This is just speculation right now, but that logo could certainly be the best indicator yet that the system is region free. The one major thing that flies in the face of that speculation is the DS. The DS lacked a CE logo, but as you well know, it was a region-free device. Let's hope we find out what's up with this aspect of the Switch on Jan. 12th.

Smash Bros. Melee tournament considering ban for SmashBox controller

Genesis 4 is an eSports tournament that includes Smash Bros. Melee competitive play. In that tournament, some players have been using the SmashBox, the controller seen above. It turns every button/movement you do on a GameCube controller into a button press, meaning you press buttons to move instead of using a joystick. Obviously this impacts Melee play in a big way, but should it be illegal? Is this controller just offering a more precise way of doing what a GameCube controller can do, or is it giving an unfair advantage? That's what Genesis 4 creators are trying to figure out right now.

Reggie on preparing for Super Mario Run's launch, Android support, Pokemon GO success, VR public interest

Coming from Reggie Fils-Aime...

- Nintendo is working with DeNA and Apple to make sure servers are ready for launch day
- believe a high percentage of people that play the free content will convert to a paid customer
- Super Mario Run will come to Android in 2017 with a focus of getting it to those devices as quickly as possible
- Pokemon GO special events have brought players back
- the goal is to keep making tweaks to Pokemon GO and keep creating events
- Nintendo isn't placing bets on one piece of hardware, be it mobile or their traditional consoles. They want to be on all.
- Reggie doesn't believe VR has had its killer app, but does see a future for the platform