The Binding of Isaac Rebirth

RUMOR - Rodea: The Sky Soldier pushed back to November

If you preordered Rodea: The Sky Soldier from Amazon, keep an eye on your inbox. Some people are receiving a notice of delay. The message below was sent to someone that purchased the Wii U version, which Amazon says is now slated for sometime around Nov. 16th-20th.

We have received new release date information related to your pre-ordered video game in the order you placed on *******. The release date for the video game listed below has been changed by the publisher.

No official word from the publisher yet, and also no details on the 3DS version. If you get an email about a delay, please pass it along to us. We'll try to get confirmation on this info.

Did You Know Gaming - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Thanks to BadassBill for the heads up!

Super Mario Maker - Nintendo checks user-created level difficulty before levels are shared

Coming from an Engadget feature...

...user-created levels are also vetted by Nintendo moderators to determine level difficulty before it’s available for anyone to download.

You have to wonder how much manpower and time they're going to dedicate to this. How long will it take for your level to go live after you submit it?

CoroCoro's August issue comes with Mysterious Joker 3DS theme

- issue includes a QR code for a free theme
- theme is for Mysterious Joker: The Phantom Thief Who Crosses Time & the Lost Gem
- scan the QR code by pressing L & R on your 3DS and pressing the QR icon on the camera
- enter the code 12345678
- this generates another code, which you enter into the Theme Shop

Japan - 3DS eShop charts: Aug. 2nd, 2015

01. Cube Creator 3D
02. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
03. The Battle Cats
04. Daigasso! Band Brothers P Debut
05. Box Boy!
06. Yokai Watch Busters: Shiroinutai Version
07. Yokai Watch Busters: Akanekodan Version
08. Bike Rider DX
09. Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure
10. Fire Emblem if
11. Bike Rider DX3 Time Rider
12. Gunman Story
13. 3D Sonic the Hedgehog 2
14. Super Mario Land
15. Petit Computer Magazine
16. SIMPLE DL Vol. 39
17. Rhythm Tengoku The ★ Best +
18. The Legend of Zelda 1
19. Super Mario Bros. 3
20. Ice Climber