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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - Games on portable versus consoles

Very fun, low-key night off tonight. Thanks for letting me step out while Daan took control! I very much appreciate his work and your understanding. Now you're stuck with me like usual! See you in a few, short hours.

No matter what portables and consoles Nintendo puts out, I always pick them up. I'm a Nintendo fan that wants to play Nintendo's latest and greatest on all platforms, so I follow along with every bit of hardware that sees release. I may not purchase revamps or redesigns, but I believe it important to own Nintendo's current gaming platforms to see what they're up to.

While I don't believe Nintendo's hardware is perfect or poor, I always end up enjoying content on more on consoles than portables. I'm not saying that content on consoles is better or vice versa. I'm just saying that I prefer to play games on the big screen than in the palm of my hand. The older I get, the more I find myself feeling this way.

When I play a game, I want it to be a big and exciting thing no matter what the content. I feel like games on a console really give me that. I like to see things on the big screen and hear high quality sound from my sound system. I like to kick back in my favorite chair and focus in on the TV. I feel like a game better envelopes me that way...it brings me in more.

I don't dislike the portable side of things by any means. Some of my favorite games are on portables! With that said, I was quite happy to see Nintendo create the Super Game Boy. I'm equally ecstatic to see Nintendo bringing GBA and DS games to the Wii U Virtual Console. It gives me a chance to play some of my favorite titles on the big screen, which almost gives them a completely different vibe.

I definitely realize that some games work better on portables, but overall, I'd rather have a console experience. With the way Nintendo has been talking lately, it seems like future Nintendo hardware might be portable and console in one. That would be a dream come true for me! Until then, I have to pick a side. Now that you know mine, I'd love to hear yours! If you had the chance, would you rather do all your gaming on a TV or via a portable screen?

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