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Photos with Mario available on 3DS eShop

If you're looking to get the real-deal cards, you'll be able to pick up 3 of them at Target. You'll have to plop down $10 for the cards. The software itself is available to download for free.

Link, Link, Link

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19 May 2014 00:22

Release date: 07/09/1981

Um, okay
No Avatar
19 May 2014 01:04

It's not on the Canadian eShop as of yet. (1 AM EST) :x
User avatar
19 May 2014 07:13

Dosen't come with the eShop card? That's kinda cheap. And the R button is stuck on my 3DS XL....
No Avatar
19 May 2014 07:37

Someone will likely upload the AR bits in a few days.

I'm wondering if it's worth anything via Club Nintendo to download. Free points are always welcome.
User avatar
19 May 2014 09:42

they've been out for a year or so in Japan.

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