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Pullblox/Pushmo World - more details

- 250 brand new puzzles
- Create own puzzles in Pullblox Studio
- Share your endeavours with the world via the World Pullblox Fair
- Once again, the children of Pullblox Park have been trapped inside giant blocky structures known as "Pullblox", and it's up to Mallo to climb the constructs and rescue them
- 100 vastly different levels in Pullblox Park, plus more in different modes
- You rewind with the L button
- Once again, there are various gadgets like manholes
- Newcomers to Pullblox can take their first steps to Mallo mastery in the Training Area
- Practise your jumps, block manipulation, and the more advanced skills you'll need to solve the tricky challenges that lie ahead
- Creating a puzzle with the Wii U GamePad is easy: Design your Pullblox by placing coloured blocks on the grid, place the goal, then take your creation for a spin! You can save and edit your puzzles later, so feel free to keep tweaking them to be the best they can be.
- Once you've solved your own puzzle, you can share it with other Pullblox players around the world. Create a QR Code and send it to Miiverse via World Pullblox Fair
- You can even add a comment using unlockable Miiverse stamps so users know what to expect from your opus
- World Pullblox Fair is home to a huge range of player-created puzzles available to enjoy right away
- See what other players think of the puzzle before trying it for yourself
- If you like what you see, you can even save it to your Pullblox Studio to play again and again
- QR Code patterns created in Pullblox Studio can also be read by Pullblox on Nintendo 3DS, making your puzzles portable
- The process works in the other direction too, meaning there are already countless puzzles ready to import

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