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GN Podcast #502

Parents - Pilotwings

Xeno Chron 3D review

SR - Home Alone 2

GN Radio #36

I Love My Little Boy/Girl, I Love My Horse coming to 3DS

I Love My Little Girl/Boy

- take care of a baby boy or girl
- separate carts for boy and girl
- customize your baby's features (hair, face and more)
- prepare meals, dress, wash, play with and go for walks with your baby
- baby will laugh/cry depending on your treatment
- unlock new outfits
- due out Oct. 10th in Europe
- developed by Neopica
- more screens here

I Love My Horse

- raise and train a horse to participate in competitions
- feed, brush, treat and pet them
- 17 activities
- scenario takes place over 18 chapters
- due out Oct. 10th in Europe
- more screens here

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Games of the Year 2015.

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