Starlink - Ubisoft discusses how the game came to be, how Star Fox fit with the game

The following information comes from a VentureBeat interview with producer Matthew Rose:

GamesBeat: Can you talk about some of the early inspiration for Starlink?

Matt Rose: A few years ago, after we shipped Splinter Cell: Blacklist, the first project that Ubisoft Toronto shipped, people started to split up and go on to different projects. Since then Toronto’s worked on Far Cry and Watch Dogs and things. I had the opportunity to take a small team, about eight people, and come up with something new. We had no idea where we were going, so we did all sorts of experimentation and prototyping across all sorts of crazy technologies and platforms.

One of the prototypes that was exciting was this modular starship. It was just a hacky prototype at the beginning – a Wiimote, some consumer electronics, some copper wiring, some building blocks. But there was something magical about it, that instantaneous connection that felt great, and that let players experiment and try to adapt to overcome challenges. That was the inception point. Everything else built from there.

With regards to integrating Star Fox:

GamesBeat: What did you think when Star Fox came in?

Rose: Like I say, there were all these games from our childhoods that inspired us, and absolutely, Star Fox was one of the central games. I think it was the first 3D game I played on console. We always had dreams like, “Wouldn’t it be amazing if…?” But then after we revealed the game at E3 in 2017, we had a small group from Nintendo of America. They came by and asked to see the demo. We were planning the game for Switch, so of course we said yes. They were fairly poker-faced, but we could see these little smiles.

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Don’t be Scared by the Launch of Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 12 (Press release)

This October, everyone’s favorite video game scaredy-cat Luigi is returning to a haunted mansion he hasn’t visited since 2001. In the Luigi's Mansion game, a Nintendo 3DS remake of the spooky Nintendo GameCube game, Luigi must enter a sprawling mansion equipped with nothing but his trusty flashlight and Poltergust 3000, a vacuum-like contraption used to capture ghosts, find treasure and solve puzzles.
This is the first time the Nintendo GameCube classic can be played on the go. This updated version of the game includes the same classic adventure, but with some added features perfect for Nintendo’s popular portable systems. Using the bottom touch screen on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, players can view the mansion map.
In the new Gallery Battle Mode, exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version of the game, Luigi will have the ability to re-challenge boss ghosts that were defeated in the game.

Luigi’s Mansion will launch for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems at a suggested retail price of $39.99. For more information about the game, visit https://luigismansion.nintendo.com/.