Agony available for $2 for a limited time

Not a very agonizing decision

Agony, the first-person, survival horror set in Hell, is currently on sale for a pretty fantastic price. The game is normally set at $20, but for a limited time, you'll be able to snag it for just $2. Check out a recap on Agony below to see if it's for you.

Agony throws you in the midst of hell where you strive to stay alive and solve the riddle behind the mysterious Red Goddess; architect of this place of sorrow and pain, and the sole entity with knowledge of how escape… but there is more to the story than it seems. Haunted by nightmare creatures, You will gain the ability to possess demons and other souls to find a way out of hell.

By exploring the hostile environment and interacting with other weary souls of the hellscape, the hero will soon understand that there is only one way to escape from Hell, and it will require meeting the mystical Red Goddess. The title is set to challenge players with its brutal and malevolent environments.

The Yeetee offering genderbent Luigi/Peach and Klonoa t-shirts for today only

Two fantastic designs

The Yetee is offering not one, but two awesome gaming shirts for today only. First up is a Luigi and Princess Peach genderbent shirt, which the characters swap roles. Along with that, there's a more traditional Klonoa shirt that's just as gorgeous. You only have today to snag these shirts, so don't wait too long!

Thanks to OperationGamer17 for the heads up!

PokemonCenter.com gears up for "An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends: Sylveon" Funko figurine preorders

PokemonCenter.com hasn't opened preorders for the "An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends: Sylveon" Funko figurine just yet, but it's clear they'll be doing so soon. The official product page for the entire lineup of 'An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends' has added an image for Sylveon, but there's no clickable link yet. This preorder page should go live any day now, and we'll definitely let you know when it does!

Check out the cover art for Nexomon Extinction

Oh mon!

Nexomon: Extinction is a return to classic monster catching games, with a brand new story, eccentric characters and over 300 unique Nexomon to trap, tame and evolve.

Nexomon: Extinction, the "classic monster catching game," was previously announced for release on Switch sometime in Summer 2020. We're still waiting on word of a more specific release date.

Myst Documentary Kickstarter now live

A Myst opportunity

In 1993, brothers Rand and Robyn Miller, living in a double-wide trailer on the edge of a forest outside Spokane, Washington -- a.k.a., the middle of nowhere -- changed the home computer industry forever with the launch of MYST, a single-perspective exploration game that had no score, no violence and no set goal other than satisfying pure curiosity. In a world of flashy, shoot-‘em-up, beat-the-clock video game challenges, MYST quietly became the best-selling game of the 1990s.

As we said yesterday, the Kickstarter is looking for $200k to bring this documentary to life. You can get more details on the campaign and throw in some funding here.

Creaks comes to Switch on July 22nd, 2020

Meet Your New Neighbours

The ground starts shaking, light bulbs are breaking - and something rather unusual is happening right behind the walls of your very room. Equipped with nothing but wit and courage, you slowly descend into a world inhabited by avian folk and seemingly deadly furniture monsters.

From the creators of indie classics Machinarium and Samorost comes Creaks, a new puzzle adventure game that delights the senses with its hand-painted visuals, precise animation, eerie sounds, and an eclectic original score from Hidden Orchestra. Proceed at your own pace at figuring out the solutions to dozens of carefully designed puzzles, explore the mansion for hidden paintings and uncover the great secret.

Creaks is best enjoyed with a controller and a good pair of headphones.

We knew Creaks was launching in July, but the developers have now confirmed a July 22nd, 2020 release date. Still no word on pricing or file size at this time.

Destination Posters Return in the Pokémon Center

Some fancy wall art for Pokemon fans

The Destination Pokémon collection launched about two years ago, featuring artistic travel posters for each region in the Pokémon world. These popular posters have returned and are joined by a new poster featuring the fabulous Galar region! The poster depicts the impressive castle at the center of the city of Hammerlocke.

The Destination Pokémon posters are available now in the Pokémon Center. They're sold as a bundle that includes posters for all eight regions. The Galar region poster is also sold separately for those who purchased the original Destination Poster bundle. Be sure to check out the entire line today!

Legends of Ethernal: Story Details Revealed

See where the legend will take you

Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, today announced the details behind the storyline of their upcoming title with Lucid Dreams Studio, Legends of Ethernal. Legends of Ethernal will be launching on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC/MacOS this fall.

It was a lazy summer day like any other for Wilfred... However, after returning home, he finds his house ransacked, and his parents gone... Who or what has taken them? And to where? Wilfred puts his fears aside and sets off on an adventure to find them, an adventure that will span the entire world of Arkanys.

Arkanys is a land of many creatures: the majestic Jarkens, birthed from the sap of Mehdhun Tree, often live as long as a millennium. The Brüwigs: An amphibious folk who are skilled swimmers with strong lungs. Their sturdy lungs are likely a reason for their favored weapons: blowguns, with which they can use to fire darts over long distances. The haunting Dakrei: An omnivorous, venomous insect-like race with a huge queen as their leader. Wilfred will come face to face with these creatures -- and more -- in the world of Legends of Ethernal. But who is friend? And who is foe? All shall be revealed in time...

In Legends of Ethernal, it is up to you to uncover the truth about your parents' disappearance. Explore beautiful hand-crafted environments, solve challenging puzzles, and battle frightening creatures. Using the crafting power of ether, new powers and weapons will be unlocked to you, allowing you to explore more and more of the world of Arkanys!

"We spent countless hours creating Wilfred's world of Arkanys and developing its lore," shared Maxime Gregoire, Founder and CEO of Lucid Dreams Studio. "Legends of Ethernal is a 2D adventure game with challenging gameplay but it also tells a compelling story that immerses the player in Arkanys through Wilfred's courageous adventure. With each boss defeated, NPC met, and level up, players unravel the truth behind his mysterious parents' disappearance."

Legends of Ethernal features:

Enjoy mechanics that unlock with weapons and items that you find.
Solve puzzles and unleash your fighting tactics against boss battles in multiple dungeons.
Gather ethers and use items during the course of your journey to help you progress through the game.
Admire beautiful 2D hand-drawn art covering multiple environments, scaling up to a resolution of 4K on supported platforms.
Experience a compelling and linear storyline with great characters.
Listen to the wonderfully crafted score; produced and recorded by veteran musician William Gough.
Try the Hardcore Mode for an intense experience or enable the Relaxed Mode to help you or your little one complete the game.

Check out tons of footage and pictures of the LEGO NES Building Kit

LEGO check it out!

We showed off the official debut trailer for the LEGO NES Building Kit earlier today, but now there's a lot more to share! You can check out all sorts of b-roll footage above, as well as lifestyle and packaging pics in the gallery below!

Ultra Hat Dimension - more footage

Ultra Hat Dimension is a puzzle game about adorable hats and people getting punched for wearing them. The catch is that the player can't punch anyone; instead, they must use the power of hats to convince others to do the punching for them. Find and defeat the Spluff responsible for all this chaos!


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