Refunct coming to Switch on June 7th, 2019

Funked again

Refunct is a peaceful, short first-person platformer about restoring a vibrant world.

• Platforming: Wall-jumps, slides, pipes, lifts, springboards
• Beautiful: Emotional soundtrack and vibrant visuals
• Peaceful: Non-violent, open world without death
• Playful: Learn to play without tutorials
• Relaxing: Play at your own pace without pressure
• Dynamic: Changing world and music-synced day/night cycle
• Seamless: Half an hour of uninterrupted quality playtime
• For everyone: Enjoyable by a wide variety of player skill

Refunct is coming to Switch on June 7th, 2019, and is priced at $3. The title takes up 227MB of space.

Switch icon round-up: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Dragon Quest Builders 2, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Gato Roboto

A good looking batch of icons!

Four new Switch icons to check out in the gallery above, and I don't think there's a bad one in the bunch. With that said, I think the Bloodstained icon is the winner hands-down. That sucker is gorgeous! Which one do you like the most out of this bunch?

Mega64 Flame War Theater - "Zelda Wind Waker Reaction Thread"

People were just a bit angry...

On a moonlight eve of 2001, The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker was debuted in front of eyes around the globe... and in one unified thread, many voices cried out in agony.

I will never, ever forget the vitriol that spread throughout the internet following the reveal of The Wind Waker. Even some of my real-life friends had extremely angry reactions. Man, I can't recall another game in Nintendo's history that caused such a stir based on visuals alone.

Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 novel gets a fan translation

Fire Emblem fans are extremely dedicated

Fire Emblem fan-group Four-Loose-Screws have completed their latest translation, and it's something you might not expect. They put in a ton of hard work to translate the official Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 novel, which focuses on Leif, a Lord who is on the run while trying to reclaim his homeland of Thracia from the Grannvale Empire. The novel has 12 chapters split across two volumes, and every last bit of it has been translated.

Game Freak looks back on the development of Yoshi and Pokemon Red/Blue

It was a simpler time

Game Freak's latest YouTube video takes a double-dip into Nintendo's earlier days. The video focuses on both the NES title Yoshi, and Pokemon Red/Blue. Check out a summary of the video's info below.

- items on Yoshi‘s main menu will move accordingly to the music, which was programmed by Masuda
- Ken Sugimori came up with the gameplay for Yoshi
- Game Freak wanted to add in a realistic sounding Yoshi voice, but it got turned down by Nintendo
- Masuda learned about the “wave” design of difficulty curve during the creation of this game
- wave design is where after a particularly hard stage, an easier stage comes after to let players bask in the accomplishment
- Masuda says developing and balancing them feels like taste-testing in cooking, where you can try it and tweak immediately
- for RPGs, the usage of time is different, as it takes maybe 3 hours before you really get into the groove
- Masuda remembers how shocked people were when finding out just how fast storage capacity limits would improve
- Masuda says there are some good things about having limited memory
- for example, if memory was infinite, devs would probably keep adding in new things and the game would never get done
- there were fun things that could be done thanks to memory limits
- this included thinking of Pokemon names that could be fit in the 5-character limit (in Japanese)
- in order to get the voices of the original 151 Pokemon done, Masuda had to use certain tricks in order for it to work
- Masuda says he would probably have been told off it he weren’t the main programmer on the game

New round of Puchicon 4 SmileBASIC promo videos show off more Nintendo Labo Toy-Con functionality

Robot Toy-Con action!

I really hope people dive into Puchicon 4 SmileBASIC and cook up some crazy stuff. These recent video features show me just how far you can take this software. I'd love to see what fans could come up with when combining Puchicon 4 SmileBASIC with Nintendo Labo's various Toy-Con!

EVE Burst error R updated to Version 1.0.3

Can you hear me now?

El Dia has released an update for EVE Burst error R, bringing it up to Version 1.0.3. The only note we have on this update is that it fixes a sound issue players were experiencing. If more detailed patch notes are shared, we'll make sure to add them to this post.

Murder Detective Jack the Ripper getting updated in the near future

Jack of all trades

Things have been pretty quiet for Murder Detective Jack the Ripper since launch, but we now know of at least one update on the way. Nippon Ichi has announced plans to release Version 1.0.1, and while we don't have full patch notes, we do know this update will include a fix for an issue with loading save data.

Cotton Reboot's Japanese site open

Screens, art, and more

Success has opened the official website for Cotton Reboot, which will be hitting Switch later this year. The site gives us our first good look at the game's visuals and art. There's even some merch to check out! Click right here and give the site a once-over.

Former RARE dev shares even more design docs from the scrapped Conker's Bad Fur Day sequel

A RARE look

A few weeks back, former RARE dev Chris Seavor shared a number of design docs for Conker's Other Bad Day, a cancelled sequel to Conker's Bad Fur Day. Looks like Mr. Seavor wasn't done, as he's shared a second round of design docs via Twitter. Check out all the juicy details below!