Alien Escape hits Switch on June 25th, 2019

E.T. phones Switch

In Alien Escape you help Timmy escaping out of the castle by changing the gravity. Save his friends and at the end of all defeat the evil boss! A challenging puzzle platformer releasing on Nintendo Switch and PC on June 25th.

Alien Escape was announced for Switch back in March, and now the game has its release date locked in. The title is due out June 25th, 2019. We don't have info on pricing or release date at this time.

Level-5 officially announces their appearance at Anime Expo 2019

Localizations incoming?

Yesterday we shared a breakdown of the game-related panels at Anime Expo 2019, and Level-5 was included in the list. Level-5 has taken to Twitter to reconfirm that news, making sure all their followers know that it's the first time they're appearing at the event. While they might have game news to share, it's also very likely they'll have localization news on anime as well. With The Snack World and Professor Layton' series ripe for the picking, it could be a great panel for Level-5 fans. Check out the official blurb on the company's panel below.

Level-5 Presents: Inazuma Eleven Ares and More! – From the creators of Yo-kai Watch, Ni no Kuni, and Professor Layton, take it to the top with the super dimensional, action soccer series, Inazuma Eleven Ares! Join the Level-5 team to celebrate, learn, and discuss everything about this epic franchise from the anime to the games! You never know what other surprises we’ll have in store.

Japanese retailer WonderGOO reveals preorder bonuses for Atelier Ryza, God Eater 3, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle

So many goodies!

Japanese retailer WonderGOO has shared details on upcoming preorder bonuses for a number of Switch games. First up is God Eater 3, which will come with a mouse pad as a preorder bonus.

For those going with Fire Emblem: Three Houses, a special towel will be offered up.

Preordering Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle will net customers a mug featuring artwork from the game.

Finally, we have the reveal of a special bundle, rather than a preorder bonus, for Atelier Ryza: The Queen of Eternal Darkness and the Secret Hideout. The special bundle includes an original glass, B2 tapestry illustration, and a copy of the game.

Timberman VS hits 200k sold on Switch

Another 100k in just 3 months!

Forever Entertainment has had a hell of a time on Switch, with multiple titles in their lineup breaking the 100k sales mark. Timberman VS has taken things a step further by hitting 200k worldwide. That's extremely impressive, especially when considering how the game had just hit the 100k mark back in March 2019!

Check out "MECHANIQ," a sample from CROSSNIQ+'s soundtrack

Push the tempo

The gang behind CROSSNIQ+ have started sharing soundtrack samples for the game. The first track we get to hear a sample from is MECHANIQ, which was composed by ViRiX Dreamcore.

Memorrha hitting Switch in NA/EU on Sept. 27th, 2019

I Rememorrha...

Memorrha was announced for Switch awhile back, and now we know when it's launching. North American and European gamers can look forward to checking out the game on Sept. 27th, 2019. Check out a quick summary on Memorrha below.

Go on a voyage of discovery following the traces of a mysterious culture. Discover diverse landscapes, investigate abandoned artifacts, and wake strange machines from their slumber.

Fortnite updated to Version 9.30, full patch notes available

Enjoy a soothing Chug Splash

Fortnite has been updated to Version 9.30, and this update includes the Chug Splash, a new item to help you and your buds get get back some shield on impact. If you want to check out the full patch notes, you can get a complete rundown of today's update right here.

Fire Emblem Heroes - content update for June 18th, 2019

[Aether Raids] Season 32 of Aether Raids is now live (available until June 25th)

Bonus Heroes (HP+10, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 + Lift+20 and Double EXP and SP if you win a battle): Naga (Dragon Divinity), Fjorm (Bride of Rime), Sigrun (Steadfast Bride), Tanith (Forthright Heart), Pent (Fany Fiancé), Louise (Eternal Devotion), Finn (Lance of Legend), Kana (Dragon Spawn), Alm (Saint-King), and Fjorm (Princess of Ice)
Bonus Structures (Level +1): Catapult (O, D)

[Arena] The next set of Bonus Heroes for the Arena is now live. It features the following Heroes: Nah (Little Miss), Brady (Daunting Priest), Yarne (Timid Taguel), Kjelle (Fair Fighter), Cynthia (Hero Chaser), Silvia (Traveling Dancer), Saizo (Angry Ninja), Draug (Gentle Giant), Marth (Hero-King), and Anna (Commander) (available until July 2nd)

[Allegiance Battles] Season 9 of Allegiance Battles is now live. The Target for this Season is: Tiki (Legendary Dragon) (available until June 25th)

[Aether Raids] The Elements for the current season are: Astra and Anima (available until June 25th)

[Elements] The Elements for the current season are: Wind and Water (available until June 25th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - content update for June 18th, 2019

[Animals] No less than 5 new Animals are now available via Blathers’s Treasure Trek: Klaus (bathtub), Rhonda (Cupid Bench), Piper (warming buffet), Hippeux (gallant statue), Celia (statue fountain). Animals page updated! (no end date)

The Alliance Alive HD Remastered hits Japan on Oct. 10th, 2019

Aligning with October

Last we heard, The Alliance Alive HD Remaster would hit the Switch in NA/EU sometime this Fall. We don't have a solid release date yet for those regions, but we do for Japan. The game has been confirmed for an October 10th, 2019 release in Japan, and is priced at 6,280 yen. This information was confirmed by the latest issue of V-Jump magazine.