Community Guidelines

We'd like to create a usable and enjoyable community experience for everyone, so we have a few simple ground rules that everyone is expected to follow and do their part to make that goal possible. Plus, you agree to these when you register, so just follow them please. They come in two delicious varieties: cocktail weenie and footlong. So take a bite... dessert's on us.

If any of your content requires moderation, the team will take care of it. For some simple things, we might just take care of it and not bother you, but more serious things; expect us to be in touch.

If you have any questions, contact cortjezter or our Moderator Team. A good rule of thumb: if you're even slightly unsure about something, ASK before posting.

The short list:

Respect other members at all times.
Keep a civil tongue, or don't say anything at all.
No flaming, trolling, FUD, or other d-baggery. Report it to a moderator.
No spam, ever. Seriously, you'll be insta-perma-banned.
No 1, 2, or 3 word posts. They add nothing and take up space.
Avoid double posting/flooding. Use the EDIT button.

The longer list:

Respect others on the site. It shouldn't have to be said, but we will anyway. If you: can't get along with others, are incapable of tolerating other peoples' opinions, or suffer any number of other social deficiencies, please don't bother participating on the boards or in the story feedback sections. Read all you like, but let those who actually like the site and our community interact with one another.

Keep a civil tongue. By all means, share your honest thoughts and opinions, but keep your vulgarity, hate speech, flaming, derogatory language, etc. for other gaming cesspools on the web. Our community is diverse and includes many people who aren't into those things. We have no problem banning someone who negatively impacts the experience of others on the site, so please behave.

Trolling. This is a fan site, and the vast majority of people come here because they love their platform of choice. So while it is fine to have a dissenting opinion, the difference between that and trolling comes down to delivery of that sentiment.

Making overt, unqualified statements that are intentionally or acutely: negative, misinformed, ignorant, or counter-culture where the sole purpose or outcome is to antagonize other members or community of fans at large, cultivate hostility, or disrupt the peace...is trolling.

By contrast, a negative opinion is typically supported by facts or other rationale based upon existing information that can be sourced with links or other attributions. If you want to rock the boat, you're going to have to take the time and put in the effort to make your case with your rationale or supporting info; something simply not possible with one-liners, so be sure to properly distinguish your opinion from a troll. Vocabulary can also be key; overly strong language (profanity, derogatory terms, etc.) tend to be the realm of trolls. Likewise, a user's post history may be taken into account to determine whether someone's habits are trolling or mere opinions.

It is possible to express the same idea both ways; we allow the opinion version only. Of course, anything you post should also respect others and not infringe upon their ability to express an opinion or enjoy the site. Negative opinions about other people is better kept to one's own brilliant mind.

Trolls will meet an abrupt, terrible fate, so be warned.

Also, "blind fanboyism" that antagonizes or otherwise flaunts stalwart ignorance toward users with valid negative opinions will not be tolerated.

Word censors. While this site doesn't use automatic word censors, that doesn't give license for you to flaunt your weak vocabulary. Please use discretion and some self-restraint; the occasional curse may be allowed for emphasis, but under no circumstances is such language to be used towards other people. It would be decent of you to censor your f*** words.

Add genuine, intelligent content.

NO SPAMMING. This site is about genuine content and camaraderie, not about self-promotion, status, post count, or relieving your Tourette Syndrome. If you're caught spamming, posting off-topic, useless or promotional content to our site, counter-actions will be taken, up to and including: perma-banning, having posts deleted, post count frozen, or legal action if necesssary. If you have something promotional you want to see on the site, contact us.

No 1, 2, or 3-word posts. We include a feature that will warn you if your post is less than 20 characters. Why? Because we prefer you speak in complete thoughts like the evolved, articulate human being you are.

BTW, using spaces, punctuation, or other filler to effectively bypass the automated 20 character warning is not allowed; you'll earn a warning towards a permanent ban for doing so. Likewise, posting a single image, video, or formatting tags without 20 characters of actual text discussion does not count as a legitimate post, and may be removed by a moderator, with or without notice.

Cross-posting. We know you're brilliant. Of course you want the rest of the world to know too, by posting links to or copy-pasting your previous moments of genius logic, jokes or invincible points of view. If you want to link, quote, or otherwise include this kind of thing, be sure to add something new along with it. Otherwise it might as well be a double post.

Private conversations are for IM, email or chatrooms. If you need to address someone directly or ask them a question, send them a IM, or email. It'll keep the site about the community sharing of knowledge instead of about reading your chat logs.

Stay on-topic. Make sure whatever you have to say is either about the topic in the subject or headline, and/or directly relates to another on-topic reply. Don't bother replying to someone if they're off-topic, because then you are too.

Keep it legal. Don't post stuff other people own. This includes warez, ROMs, mp3s of someone else's content, scans of copyrighted content, torrents, or any other example of intellectual property. It also includes linking to such content or transmitting it privately through our messaging system. If you want to share something newsworthy with the community, submit a news tip; we'll handle the rest. Violations are met by a ban with no warnings, so if you're unsure, ASK FIRST before posting!

No double-posting or flooding. We are planning to eventually implement a feature that will automatically moderate double-posts by combining them for you. In the mean time, please do your best to avoid it; a moderator may still remove double posts.


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