Back in the beginning of June, Diesoft Games was looking to bring Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland, a game inspired by the Capcom NES classic, to the Switch. The team was looking for $65k on Kickstarter to make a Switch release happen, and that target was met with ease. The Kickstarter campaign surpassed $80k in total, so we can officially look forward to Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland on Switch sometime down the road.

Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland takes the retro NES-era platformer gameplay of Capcom and Nintendo favorites and brings it to a vast, non-linear world that has been lovingly hand-animated frame-by-frame. You’ll explore as you collect new ability-granting toys and PJs, discover enchanting lands inspired by Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo comics, and encounter a colorful cast of characters — all through the nostalgic lens of an ‘80s/’90s kid.

A few stretch goals were hit for Little Nemo and the Guardians of Slumberland, so the final game will now have an in-game artbook and bestiary, along with an animated intro. About $5k more is needed for an animated outro, and you can help the game hit that stretch goal with late pledges. If you’re interested in kicking some cash towards the project, you can do so here.


Nintendo has updated 4 of their mobile games with some fresh content, tweaks, and more. You can see the breakdown for each game and update below.

Fire Emblem Heroes

[Summoning] A new Summoning Focus is now live: Weekly Revival 29. It features the following Heroes: Sanaki (Begnion’s Apostle), Nephenee (Fierce Halberdier), and Amelia (Rose of the War) (available until July 10th)

[Summoning] A new Summoning Focus is now live: Weekly Revival 52. It features the following Heroes: Byleth (Tested Professor), Eliwood (Marquess Pherae), and Camilla (Light of Nohr) (available until July 10th)

[Events] Round 2 of the latest Voting Gauntlet event, Dragoon Duels, is now live. It features the following match-ups: Jill vs Valter, and Altena vs Minerva. Check out the special website for more details and up to date results! (available until July 5th)

[Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Voting Gauntlet (available until July 5th)

[Events] The Shield Phase of the latest Mjölnir Strike event is now live (available until July 5th)

[Quests] A new set of Quests is now live: Mjölnir Strike (available until July 5th)

Pokémon Café

[Events] The latest Shiny Pokémon event is now live. The Pokémon featured this time is: Buizel (available until July 5th)

Mario Kart Tour

[Pipe] The Daisy Pipe (featuring Daisy (Farmer)) is now available (available until July 8th)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

[Log-in Bonus] To celebrate the second half of the latest Garden Event, all players can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: r.-wishing-bamboo seed x20 (available until July 9th)

[P-N, P-N, P-N]

Nintendo updates their Donkey Kong trademark

Is he finally back to kick some tail?

03 July 2022
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Trademarks from the Big N are always an interesting situation. Sometimes Nintendo snags trademarks for things that never see the light of day, or they do a routine update of an established trademark to protect properties. Then there’s trademark tweaks like the one today; the ones that give a small flicker of hope for something new.

Nintendo has updated their trademark for Donkey Kong, and this goes beyond the standard update we usually see. This updated trademark includes new verbiage pertaining specifically to video games, including “downloadable programs for portable and electronic consoles.”

Now, just to be perfectly clear, this doesn’t 100% mean that a new game is on the way. That said, it does typically mean that Nintendo has something to share. With rumors of a new Donkey Kong game floating around in recent months, a trademark update like this certainly is, at the very least, something to get a tiny bit excited about.

GameSpot has been making a feast out of their ‘More Things You Didn’t Know’ video series focusing on Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I seriously have lost count of how many installments they’ve done, but it seems they’ve been coming up with a new episode every week for a couple of months now!

Somehow, the gang has put together 16 more tidbits for Zelda: Breath of the Wild that they’re willing to be you didn’t know. Okay, maybe you knew some of them, but chances are there’s one or two things that will be new to you. The video is just 8 minutes long, so give it a watch and see if anything surprises you!


Last week was a good one for those looking to get more details on Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope. Ubisoft held a special pre-recorded presentation for the game, which gave us a heaping helping of gameplay details, tons of gameplay footage, insight from the developers, and more. Along with that came a bunch of new character art as well.

In the gallery below, you can see the full-res renders for the following characters.

  • Rabbid Rosalina
  • Rabbid Peach
  • Rabbid Mario
  • Rabbid Luigi
  • Peach
  • Mario
  • Luigi
  • Edge
  • Bowser
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Masahiro Sakurai seems like one of the busiest developers in the business, but he still finds time to play games. That goes for both games old and new, and in a recent tweet from Sakurai, we get to see just a sampling of his retro game collection.

In the image above, you get a small peek of the retro games Sakurai has collected over the years. There’s plenty of Famicom games, some N64 games, a handful of HuCards, Super Famicom cartridges, and so on. For those who follow Sakurai, it’s not surprising to see such a wide variety of games from different platforms, and it’s also on-brand for everything to be so organized. Sakurai takes his retro gaming very seriously!

Spike Chunsoft shared a bunch of details about their Switch lineup at Anime Expo 2022, and that included updates on previously-announced titles and new game as well. Check out the entire lineup from the Expo below.


The highly-anticipated Science Adventure Series ANONYMOUS;CODE is coming to the West in 2023. This is the latest work by STEINS;GATE creator Chiyomaru Shikura, in collaboration with returning staff from the Science Adventure Series. Experience the story of the hackers who will rewrite the future.

Pollon Takaoka is caught up in a tangle of plots as a result of his encounter with the mysterious girl Momo and faces a major event that shakes the world. Play with Pollon and help him to hack the myriad branches of reality and “load” the ending that saves the world!


SteelBook® art to be revealed soon. Pre-orders begin July 5, 2022. For details go to



CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is also included in the CHAOS;HEAD NOAH / CHAOS;CHILD DOUBLE PACK for Nintendo Switch. CHAOS;HEAD NOAH is the first HD remaster in the CHAOS;HEAD series and has powered up even more since the first version. Everything has been remastered in 1080p and play has been improved thanks to the MAGES Engine. Also includes all OP movies in HD remaster, including the new songs made for the port. Enjoy the fantasy, the madness, all the clearer.

CHAOS;HEAD NOAH and CHAOS;CHILD arrive in North America and Europe in the 2 games in 1 CHAOS;HEAD NOAH / CHAOS;CHILD DOUBLE PACK for Nintendo Switch on October 7, 2022.

For more details about CHAOS;HEAD NOAH / CHAOS;CHILD DOUBLE PACK, the stories and character backgrounds, visit the official site at:

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness

Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness is an Action RPG in which players themselves descend into the world of the Abyss and grow through their experience in its depths. The game, supervised by original series author Akihito Tsukushi, recreates the world of the Abyss in 3D, including battles with creatures, collecting relics, and “The Curse of the Abyss”. Fans are sure to enjoy the dark fantasy that remains true to the unique flavor of the original work.

The 3D Action RPG Made in Abyss: Binary Star Falling into Darkness will arrive on PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™, and Steam® on September 2, 2022, in North America and Europe. For details visit the teaser site.

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Bandai Namco announced earlier in the week that they’d be hosting a special developer Q&A and gameplay session for Digimon Survive at Anime Expo 2022. That session has now come to a close, and it’s given us an hour’s worth of content to enjoy.

Producer Habu Kazumasa spoke about Digimon Survive at length, answering tons of fan questions about the game. Along with that, we also got a new look at the game through a gameplay segment. You can watch the entire session above, or click to the 23:33 mark for just gameplay.


Good Smile revealed a slew of upcoming figurines just a couple days ago, but it appears they have even more to share. The company has since revealed two more Doki Doki Literature Club figurines, and you can get the details on both below.

First up is a Natsuki Nendoroid, and it comes with a face plate where she’s smiling and blushing. There are also arm parts that present her arms as being folded over her chest.


Along with that Good Smile has revealed a Monika Pop Up Parade figure. There were no other details shared outside of the concept art shown above, which indicates that Monika will be holding a pen in the final figure.


PopSlinger has been updated to Version 1.3.1. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Adds Spanish (Latin America) language option


Publisher Sekai Project and developers CreSpirit, Storia, and Narrator will release the visual novel A Light in the Dark for Switch. The game is slated to launch sometime in Fall of 2022. You can see an official breakdown of the game below.

—We cannot choose in this unfair world.

Hao-Chen Jiang did not understand what it was when he opened his eyes. Before him was a dim and dreary room that he had not seen before. Trying to get up to turn on the lights, he finds that his arms are tied behind him and that is when he realizes that he’s been kidnapped. It is then that a mysterious girl appears before him and with a look of disdain tells him that he’s been kidnapped and unless his family agrees to pay a ransom he has no chance to escape. But perhaps there is more to this than just money…

The rich boy stuck in his never changing daily life… The fierce girl struggling for survival… Two people in totally opposite positions in life.

During his days of imprisonment, they will learn of a world they were never aware of which will crumble away at their deep-rooted prejudices. In the face of confusion and the choices before them, what will they find…?

A Light in the Dark is an original visual novel game from the creative minds of CreSpirit (developers of Rabi-Ribi), Storia (developers of Dong-jin Rice-hime) and Narrator (developers of Companion).

The game features a story part and an interactive part where Hao-Chen can examine the items around him as he tries to formulate a plan to escape his kidnappers but beware of your stamina! A Light in the Dark also features multiple endings and language options in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

Aksys announces 6 games for Switch

Aksys reveals bigtime Switch support

02 July 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Aksys has shown plenty of support to the Switch over the last 5 years, and it’s clear they’ve found a lot of success on the platform, as a new slew of titles is coming. Today we learned that 6 more Aksys games are on the way, and you can find details about all of them below.

Publisher Aksys Games and developer Dreamloop Games have announced Inescapable, a new social thriller for Switch. You can see the official description below.

*Inescapable is a social thriller set in a tropical island resort. The player will take on the role of Harrison, one of 11 contestants who have been kidnapped and forced to participate in a twisted reality TV show. At the end of their stay, the contestants will receive $500,000. There’s just one catch—on the island there are no rules, and no escape.

Inescapable‘s story explores human nature and how far people will go for social clout, wealth, and their own desires—and how much further they might be willing to go when they have permission to ignore the rules.*


Otome visual novels Norn9: Var Commons and Norn9: Last Era have been confirmed for the Switch, and both are coming to the West sometime in 2023. You can read an official description below.

Fan favorite Norn9: Var Commons is coming to Nintendo Switch, followed by fan disc Last Era, localized for the first time in the west! In Norn9: Var Commons, child prodigy Sorata finds himself swept back in time to a mysterious ship with three young women and eight other men on an adventure to uncover the secrets that lie in Norn! Norn9: Last Era continues the team’s adventures in three exciting parts.


The otome visual novel Radiant Tale is coming to the West sometime in 2023. You can see the official description below.

Tifalia longs for an eventful life and gets her wish when an unusual group calling themselves CIRCUS wander into her inn and press her into service as a producer. A crazy dragon that loves to tickle, a spikey clown that doesn’t make you laugh, a water creature who doesn’t want to use water magic, an acrobat who doesn’t know how to entertain, a drunkard furball, an unmotivated leader, and an amateur producer who just joined. Can this show ever be a success?


The otome visual novel Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation- is heading to the Switch in 2023. You can see an official description of the game below.

Surrounded by the sea and black flowers of misfortune, the citizens of Arpecheur are cursed to die by the age of 23. In this country possessed by the god of death, one young woman named Ceres seems to hasten the deaths of everyone she meets and decides to end her own life. But suddenly a mysterious man called the “watchman of death” appears before her and nothing will be the same.


The Experience-developed horror adventure game Shinigami: Shibito Magire will be localized as Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II, and it’s coming to Switch sometime in 2023. You can see an official description below.

In the suburbs of Tokyo’s H City is a private institution called “Konoehara Academy,” which was established over 100 years ago. There were rumors that every 10 years, the dead would creep into the academy and spread a curse. Around the end of summer, some students of the academy died an inexplicable death in the academy garden…

While a police investigation was unable to confirm the nature of the incident, many rumors spread among the students regarding their tragic death, such as “it was the work of the dead” and “they were summoned by spirits.”

In order to regain a sense of composure within the academy, the chairman requested an investigation from the Kujou house, which has been involved in rituals since ancient times. A strange and sullen middle-aged man able to “examine” the supernatural, the head of the Kujou house begins an undercover investigation as a temporary teacher in order to determine the truth of the rumors.

And to experience the terrible curse from the dead that has crept into the academy…


While Nintendo fans have been waiting for Super Mario RPG to release on the Switch’s SNES app, digital design artist Finn (@huckori on Twitter) has been steadily working on his own remake of the game. In a newly released video on Twitter, he shows off some new footage of the project, including a demonstration of the game’s battle encounter system with all new graphics. See that footage below:

This version of the game features more modern looking character models and backgrounds, plus hi-def lighting and textures, while still retaining the general look and style of the original game. Since it’s only being worked on by one person, it will probably be a while before it’s completed. That said, what’s been shown off so far is undeniably impressive.

Nintendo tends to frown upon fanmade projects such as this, so who knows if any of us will ever get the chance to play this version of the game. They haven’t been showing much love to Super Mario RPG lately either, so if you’re a fan, this is something you may want to follow. For more on this remake of Super Mario RPG, follow @huckori on Twitter, where he’s been sharing news, screenshots, and other progress updates.

This week brings us a wealth of Nintendo news to talk about. Plenty of huge stories, shadow drops, and more. That said, we have something even more important to talk about. This show is dedicated to Manche, who’s sadly no longer with us. This one’s for you, little dude!

Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the image!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the image!

You can find the audio timestamps below. Huge thanks to Giant Reggie for putting them together!

  • 00:00:00 Theme Music
  • 00:00:33 Podcast Intro
  • 00:00:51 Pokemon: Thievul
  • 00:02:14 Rest in Peace Comanche
  • 00:04:54 Crew Intro
  • 00:05:53 WayForward and 13AM Games Quote GoNintendo in “Dawn of the Monsters” Trailer
  • 00:08:16 EA Tweets “They’re a 10 but they only like playing single-player games”
  • 00:17:57 Food Talk: Taco Bell, Duck Donuts, Giant Cheez-Its
  • 00:24:23 Hello to the Discord
  • 00:25:55 It’s Time for the News!
  • 00:26:08 Miyamoto Cringed When First Seeing Zelda: Wind Waker’s Visual Style
  • 00:39:18 Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes #1 in Weekly UK Sales
  • 00:43:56 Rumor: Metroid Prime Remaster Coming Nov 2022
  • 00:46:33 Nintendo Direct Mini: Partner Showcase (6/28/22) Recap
  • 01:20:06 Sponsor Ad Break / Josh Performs “Happy Birthday”
  • 01:21:43 RMC Talked With Wavetale Composer Joel Bille
  • 01:27:35 Shareholder Asks Nintendo for F-Zero and Wario Land Remakes/New Entries
  • 01:32:03 Nintendo Ups Security Measures Following Wave of Massive Leaks
  • 01:34:04 Nintendo’s Raw Material Costs Have Ballooned in 2022, Fueling Hardware Speculation
  • 01:36:46 Yoshi/Rabbid Yoshi Won’t Return in Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope
  • 01:39:08 Fire Emblem Heroes Has Generated $1B in Lifetime Global Player Spending
  • 01:46:00 North American Switch eShop Releases
  • 01:51:13 Nicky Hill’s Sweet European Releases
  • 01:57:03 Monkey Island Creator Going Silent Following Harassment over Return to Monkey Island
  • 02:02:03 Scalpers Selling Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Special Edition for $300+ -02:05:38 Four New SEGA Genesis Games Added to Nintendo Switch Online
  • 02:07:08 Japan’s Top 20 Switch eShop Titles for June 2022 -02:10:05 Mom(Perfect)Brain’s Twin Peaks Pins from KrazyKernal
  • 02:11:45 What the Crew Has Been Playing
  • 02:39:56 Questyum from Willis
  • 02:42:28 Patreon Question from Gamefreak613
  • 02:48:20 We’ve Got Music Trivia, You Want to Hear It?
  • 02:58:15 Deux’s Views: Deux Michaels’ Rumor of the Week
  • 03:00:05 Podcast Outro


Minecraft’s Minions themed DLC has been available for about a year, but now it’s receiving a free update to coincide with the premiere of the new Minions: The Rise of Gru movie. This update sees you playing as Gru himself, as you attempt to defeat the new group of enemies, the Vicious 6, using your Minions and various weapons to aid you.

Alongside this new quest, players can also receive a new in-game Minion themed hoodie via the Minecraft Dressing Room. Anyone who already has the Minions DLC for Minecraft will have access to this new content free of charge. Otherwise, you can find the entire DLC pack available for purchase now, with more details on the update at Minecraft’s web site.