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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 662

It's Nintendo Labo launch week, so we take some time during the show to put together a Nintendo Labo RC Car Toy-Con! Along with that, we talk about all kinds of Labo news, and Nintendo news in general. Then we do absolutely terribly in the music section, and I talk about a super embarrassing game I've played!

Episode 661

The heat is on here in NJ, but the podcast crew is ready to sweat it out with another podcast! This episode is jam-packed with all kinds of news. I had no idea it was such a big news week until I sat down to sift through it all on today's show!

Episode 660

We've got ourselves a good, old-fashioned podcast this week! Nicky Hill and John the Savage return to the fray for an episode, and it's quite lovely to have them back. You know things are always extra weird when Nicky Hill is around!

Episode 659

Let's talk about Nintendo, Ready Player One, weird game names, how we put on socks, and a whole bunch of other random stuff! Sounds like a typical GoNintendo Podcast episode to me!

Episode 658

It was a big news week, so we've got plenty to motor through! Don't worry, we've still got time for discussion of what we've played, your questions, and music trivia. It just wouldn't be a podcast without all that!

Episode 657

You want talk about Nintendo? We've got you covered. How about heated discussion about what constitutes a sandwich? We're good on that too. Perhaps some chatter about how you eat chips? Of course we chat about that! It's literally anything you could want from a mediocre podcast!

No music but many burning questions are answered.. well, a few warm questions.

Episode 656

Sooooooooooooo much to talk about in this episode. There's the obvious Nintendo Direct discussion, as well as news on a contest, a Kickstarter plug, some YouTube silliness, and a bunch more! It's an episode overflowing with...stuff!

Episode 655

Mom Brain returns for the podcast this week, which means that we get some music trivia! We also celebrate the Switch's one-year anniversary. Can you believe it's been that long!?

Episode 654

It's a two-person show this week, but Mom Brain isn't one of the two! She's out running a marathon in Disney World while I'm holding down the good ship GoNintendo. Kirby joins me this week for a talk about pillows, Mario being rotund, a shower scratching post, and much more!

Wrong Pokemon (Tirtuga) was given the sweet spotlight today.
No music :(
"Ain't no music! Blame Mom Brain! She's out runnin the race in Disney World."

Episode 653

It's a solo show this week, boys and girls. You have to put up with nothing but my voice for over an hour. It's a test of your own mental strength and endurance! Think you've got what it takes?!

RMC answers a couple burning questioms and goes into some deep thoughts on Mario.

No music