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The GoNintendo Podcast is ripe with Nintendo news, brought to you once every week. Come for the news stories, stay for the humor, trivia, and listener interaction!

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Episode 811

The Pokemon celebrations are underway, and we're here to talk all about it!  Of course, there's other news to talk about too!  We cover it all and have a lot of fun, so hopefully you do too!

Episode 810

After 530 days, Nintendo finally brought us a full-fat Nintendo Direct!  We go over the big news, rate the show, and share your opinions as well!  We also have some in-depth discussions about old and new games alike, do our best with music trivia, and follow up on a topic from last week!

Episode 809

We've got exciting news about an upcoming podcast project!  Listen in for that at the start of the show, and then stay with us for a gaming pet peeve of mine, the biggest Nintendo news of the week, impressions of Bowser's Fury and a very NSFW game, and much more!  Plus music trivia and all the silliness you could want!

Episode 808

What an insanely busy week of Nintendo news!  Big sales milestones, leaked Netflix deals, Switch successor shut-downs, and so much more!  Along with that, Mom Brain reveals her new passion, we talk about unfortunate farts, there's music trivia, and much more!

Episode 807

What's that, you say?  Not one, but two big announcements on this week's podcast?  Well, pre-announcements I should say, but both exciting nonetheless!  Keep your fingers crossed for the future!  There's also all the big Nintendo news of the week, plenty of our trademark stupidity, and lots of other fun stuff!

Episode 806

We kick off this week's show with some special messages from you guys!  We also happy to have one of our biggest crews ever, but we manage to keep things running like a well-oiled machine.  Well, you know, a well-oiled machine that is constantly off the tracks!

Episode 805

Oh man, we've got it all on this episode!  You want the latest Nintendo news and biggest stories?  We've got you covered.  Want a hands-on impression of an upcoming Switch game?  We've got that too.  Want to hear some spoiler-free thoughts on WandaVision? We've got plenty of that!  Want to hear why game shows make me cry?  Tune in and find out!

No music trivia this episode.

Episode 804

It's been a whirlwind of a week, and there's all sorts of stuff to talk about.  Some serious discussion to be had for sure, but plenty of news, silliness, and fun as well.  A smaller crew and shorter show this time, but I think it came together quite well.  I hope you enjoy!

No music trivia this episode.

Episode 803

We're starting off the new year with another super-sized show!  I swear I thought we'd be shorter this time around.  Blame the virtual calls and us chatty Cathies!  That said, I do think we have a better flow this time around.  Hopefully it's not too exhausting!

Episode 802

Thanks so much for sticking with us in 2020!  It hasn't been the best year for anyone, but we did our best to get together people virtually, and hopefully we provided some fun.  Let's close out the year with some 2020 stats for Nintendo and ourselves, and give you some more of our usual antics as well.  See you in 2021!


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