GoNintendo is getting recognized

And it’s all thanks to you guys. With your support, active presence on the boards, and phenomenal traffic that is brought to our site, great things are coming our way (and to you in return).

A great number of important contacts have been made as of recently, which in turn brings great new exclusives for you guys. Just today I received an email from a certain company that is giving us a shot at an exclusive story. I will not go into details because there are still a few kinks to work out, but once things are final you better believe I will let you guys in. I promise, if this exclusive works out, you guys will REALLY enjoy it.

It’s things like this that can only happen from your support. Without any readers, listeners, or word of mouth, things wouldn’t be happening for us. The bigger we get, the better news we can bring you. I know I thank you guys a lot, but you constantly give me more reasons to do so.

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