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01net's report - Iwata in hot water, rethinking 3rd parties, 3DS 2nd analog stick, Wii U dev status

by rawmeatcowboy
27 August 2011
GN Version 4.0
The final 01net feature on Nintendo comes with some more rumors and allegations. The bolded bits below are from a Google translation.

On Iwata's position with the company...

If we are to believe our source, the chairman of the board, Satoru Iwata, is now in very delicate position, if not on an ejection seat. Iwata is generally appreciated by the staff of the company, many employees worried about his fate. Also according to our source, the fact that he publicly assumed responsibility for a difficult start to the 3DS and voluntarily cut his salary in half may not be enough to save his place in the medium term.

On working with third parties, changing policies and the leaker being a Nintendo employee...

After our interview, we could not stop us from asking what our source had indeed been as feverish motivate and unusual revelations. He replied almost verbatim: "It's sort of a political act. As an employee of Nintendo, I have dedicated my life to this company. Given the turn of things, many of us fear what the future holds. If I address you, because I think the players and the shareholders deserve to know what happens behind the scenes. I think they represent our best chance to drive the necessary changes to Nintendo finally takes radical decisions necessary to adapt to new market constraints. I do not think that the situation can continue long in that state. We must completely rethink our policy of cooperation with developers and publishers. We must offer them the means to give the best of themselves. They are more likely than ever to want to work with us, but the conditions we provide are for the time being the least favorable in the industry. I do not think they will stay very long if we do not make a decisive move in their direction. "

Once again stating that another analog stick is coming to 3DS...

No competitor has such a range of characters and franchises universally adored - to the envy of Disney - or such a capacity to create new ones, as strong in the future. Out a portable machine dedicated to the game but equipped with one analog stick in 2011 was a mistake. The fact that we have recognized, and we do what is necessary to remedy this, let me suggest that 3DS has before it many years of success.

On working through the Wii U development issues and turning it into Nintendo's 'best idea in ages'...

As for the Wii U, despite its serious problems of development - you can be sure - will be resolved, it is probably the best idea we have had for ages. The press, like players, do not seem to fully realize the potential of this revolutionary machine. It's a whole new way to create and play before us. And given the graphics quality achieved by the hardware of the present generation, I think the technical superiority of our future competitors in the market for machinery room will not weigh heavily in the balance, faced with what we will bring in terms of gameplay . U The Wii is the future of gaming. You will not soon realize it!"