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Nintendo planning to revive third party franchises on 3DS, Seaman on the way

by rawmeatcowboy
20 February 2012
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Nikkei has a report about Nintendo's future with the 3DS, and it seems the company has an initiative to bring out big third party titles. Nintendo wants to revive some franchises for the platform, and SEGA's Seaman was specifically named. No specific details on Seaman's revival were given, but creator Yoot Saito has said in the past that the game would make sense on 3DS.

This information is part of Nikkei's report on Nintendo's future in general. The report looks at the opening of Nintendo's new studio, which is set to open December 2013. Prior to becoming Nintendo's new development location, the land was used for a golf course/country club. Miyamoto and Iwata used to visit the restaruant on grounds often, and it's here that they first came up with the idea of the DS.