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Tekken producer discusses plans for Wii U controller uses, speed of image transmission

by rawmeatcowboy
27 February 2012
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The following comes from Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada...

“We’re thinking about a different use for the second screen. I’ve often heard about or seen fighting-game players playing with a strategy guide open at their feet. So it would be useful if we could, for example, distribute an enhanced digital version of the guide that the player could see while playing, and even touch to have a live preview on the main screen.”“Another thing I would like to do is use the capacity to write on the screen,” he says. “I’d like to implement a feature such as being able to customise the character by drawing and painting on the screen.”
Harada also talks about just how quickly the Wii U can transmit visuals to the controller.

“The speed of the image transmission feature from the screen to the controller is impressive. The first time I saw Wii U, I thought, ‘isn’t the delay longer than one frame? If it is, it’s going to be difficult for fighting games.’ But when I heard that the latency actually isn’t more than 1/60th second I was really happy.”