Japan - Retailers discuss the early sales success of Harvest Moon: The Land's Origin

How did Harvest Moon: The Land's Origins do in its launch week? We'll have the full details later this week, but here's what retailers are saying thus far.

- Unnamed retailer: “Did Harvest Moon always sell this much on the first day?”
- solid first-day sales
- “A rare occasion, more than half the customers were female, so it seems like the sales at this store will reach great numbers.”
- new shipment of The Land of Origin won’t be sent out by Marvelous AQL until sometime during the first ten days of March

-Unnamed retailer #2: “Harvest Moon sells well as usual, even after moving to the 3DS. Although, it’s a slow start as usual. (lol)”

- Unnamed retailer #3: The Land of Origin’s special edition sold out
- “Perhaps it’s because the commercials were very effective, but after we sold out, many more people asked for it right up until store closing time.”

- Unnamed retailer #4: “Pre-orders included, ultimately the game with the best customer reaction was Harvest Moon.”

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