Role-Playing: Nintendo's Satoru Iwata

I'll never be able to say thank you to you guys enough. You've given me some amazing experiences over these years running GoNintendo. Last week I had the chance to be asked to join in on another one of those great experiences.

The guys at GamesIndustry were nice enough to have me participate in their 'Role-Playing' feature. These features take a look at game industry big-wigs and put you into their shoes. This time, the feature was focused on Satoru Iwata. Here's the question I was posed with.

You're Satoru Iwata. Your company's current Wii console has been all but forgotten, you're feeling immense pressure from social and mobile, and there's constant talk about Microsoft and Sony's next-gen consoles. E3 is your opportunity to make a big splash and to make sure that consumers will want a Wii U this holiday, rather than wait a year for a PS4 or new Xbox. What do you do?

If you hit up the link below, you can find out what a number of gaming press members would do if they were in Iwata's seat. You can hear from me, Dan Hsu, Stephen Totilo, Chris Grant and more. Thanks to GamesIndustry for the opportunity, and to you guys for making this possible!

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