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RUMOR - The craziest Wii U rumors yet, I promise

by rawmeatcowboy
26 April 2012
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We've seen a lot of interesting, weird and just plain off-the-wall Wii U rumors of the last few months. The closer we get to E3, the bigger and juicier the rumors get. While it can be hard to pick apart what might be true and what's pure bunk, I have to admit that I do enjoy the mystery of it all!

With that said, I have a triple-threat of Wii U rumors for you guys. I'm not even going to give you all the details here. You'll have to hit up the link and use Google Translate to get the murmurs, just like I did. Here's the tidbits you'll be reading up on.

- Nintendo + Epic = Metroid on UE3

- Big online multimedia content push for Wii U

- Wii U operating system to be mobile based

Out of all these rumors, the push for online content with Wii U seems most plausible. We've been hearing those rumblings for quite awhile. The other two rumors seem truly outrageous. Take your grain of salt and hit up the link for wild speculation! Just remember, for every rumor that turns out to be true, there are plenty of others that are pure lies!

Rumors here (thanks Jason!)