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Famitsu news - Project X Zone details, Nomura on new titles vs. remakes, multiple Tales games in development

by rawmeatcowboy
16 May 2012
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Project X Zone details

- Support Attack and Cross Hit systems detailed
- Support Attacks are special attacks from your fellow party members
- if another unit is near your unit (around 8 spaces), you'll be able to trigger a Support Attack
- the support unit will perform a followup attack
- this can only be used once in battle
- Cross Hit is related to Support Attacks
- if the main unit and support unit strike the enemy simultaneously, you'll trigger a Cross Hit
- this freezes the enemy and allows for easier combos

Nomura on remakes vs. new titles

- understands there's a lot of desire for a Final Fantasy VII remake
- focus is on new titles they hope will surpass FFVII
- he personally believes Yoshinori Kitase is the true successor to the FF series

Tales of series talk from producer Hideo Baba

- catch phrase for the new game is "Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl?"
- this ties into both the story and gameplay systems
- this game will have a more modern theme
- consider this the team's challenge to take the Tales series to the next stage
- Namco Bandai has other Tales games in development besides this entry
- when Tales Studio closed, that studio's staff moved into Namco Bandai
- now members of the Tales team can move to the Idolmaster team, and members of the Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master teams come to the Tales team

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