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PETA attacks Nintendo for Pokemon Black/White 2, says it promotes animal abuse

by rawmeatcowboy
08 October 2012
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Much like animals in the real world, Pokémon are treated as unfeeling objects and used for such things as human entertainment and as subjects in experiments. The way that Pokémon are stuffed into pokéballs is similar to how circuses chain elephants inside railroad cars and let them out only to perform confusing and often painful tricks that were taught using sharp steel-tipped bullhooks and electric shock prods …if PETA existed in Unova, our motto would be: Pokémon are not ours to use or abuse. They exist for their own reasons. We believe that this is the message that should be sent to children. - PETA statement

Talk about being a little overboard. I'm all about animal rights, but this is too silly. PETA even made a Pokemon Black/White 2 spoof game to detail how they feel about the title. You can play it yourself after the jump. Thanks to all that sent this in!