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ZombiU - multiplayer mode details

by rawmeatcowboy
17 October 2012
GN Version 4.0
Time Attack

- race to see how many zombies you can kill and points you can score
- do this until time runs out
- score and times are posted to leaderboards


- hold out as long as you can
- work with limited resources
- score and times are posted to leaderboards

Zombie King

- player vs. player
- one as survivor and one as the Zombie King
- survivor has to capture three flags across the map while fighting off zombies
- ammo and health are very limited
- Zombie King uses the GamePad to look at a top down view of the map
- deploy different zombie units across the map to both kill the survivor and capture flags
- only have up to eight zombies at a time
- different units cost resources to deploy
- Trackers can sense where the survivor is and hunt them down
- armor clad zombies are resistant to gun fire
- there are zombies that ignore the survivor altogether and focus on capturing flags
- recall deployed zombies to regain a portion of their cost
- care packages are strewn about the map that will drop ammo and health