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Ghosts 'n Goblins coming to 3DS eShop next week

by rawmeatcowboy
17 October 2012
GN Version 4.0
Just in time for Halloween, the NES version of Ghosts 'n Goblins arrives on the 3DS eShop to torment poor Arthur all over again. This '80s classic is rated E for 'Mild Fantasy Violence,' though IMO the ESRB should consider adding descriptors for 'Soul Crushing Difficulty' and 'Not Responsible When You Snap the 3DS In Half.'

This is actually the second Capcom game I played, ever (the first being 1942). First saw it in a fine Kentucky lodge arcade, then realized a friend had the same game on NES months later. Designed as a quarter muncher, GnG really tests your skill and demands precise play from beginning to end. However, I always felt the game did so much with so little, creating an oppressive, unwelcome mood that made you feel like the journey was truly impossible. But with enough perseverance (or like $50 in quarters) you could win the day.

So uh, yeah! Step up to the challenge next week, on 10/25!