Ubisoft - People underestimating Wii U's power to break-through, could turn retail around

"I think the challenge is to get people to understand what it is that the GamePad brings to gaming. They did this sort of infomercial-type ad [in the U.K.] that says 'it does this and it does this!' I really think that just shows you they're trying to find ways to show people before they actually get their hands on the thing. I think they had the same problem with the Wii.

Innovation like that is very hard to grasp as a consumer, until you actually see it, because it's not something you're asking for necessarily. ... You're not going to 'get it' from a trailer." most of the industry is underestimating the break-through that the Wii U represents." - Tony Key, Ubisoft's senior vice president of sales and marketing

Mr. Key also said that the Wii U could have what it takes to turn the slow retail situation around.

"Retail has the same problems as a lot of us right now. Consumers are less excited about console games right now. When you look at retail, there's a lot of things you could point to as to why it's declining - but nobody ever says 'consumers are bored.' When new hardware comes along, you can't predict what impact that's going to have on the console business. And if people really go crazy over the Wii U, then retail is going to be the first to see the benefit of that. It's just what the industry needs right now."



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