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Nintendo Germany - Nintendo giving away real gold coins to New Super Mario Bros. 2 millionaires

by rawmeatcowboy
30 October 2012
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Many video players are currently in the gold fever. No fewer than 435 fans of New Super Mario Bros. 2 has so far in the campaign "Nintendo searches for Germany coin millionaires" involved. With a photo of their Nintendo 3DS screen they have proven that they have collected with great skill and patience the happy jump and run at least one million coins. This allows the participants fame, honor and submission until 31 October 2012 - with luck - win great prizes. Because of the power of the submissions continues unabated, Nintendo has now decided: The action is 31st in part to December 2012 extended. The conditions for the extension can be found here . On top of that we start a new contest. This time, the "Super Coin-millionaire," the richest coin millionaire Germany sought. The winner as income laughs a real gold coin worth about 220 euros!

Full Google-translated press release here (thanks BongoHerman!)