Marriage in Fire Emblem: Awakening

- support level is increased by participating in battle together
- between two characters of opposite gender (Tactician included), you can reach an S-rank
- when this happens, the guy (usually) will propose to the girl
- this will leave the two marked “Husband” and “Wife”
- marriages affect the end credits
- you see what happens to all of the characters after the game
- marriage also unlocks sidequest Paralogue chapters where you can recruit the married couples’ children
- for every couple, a new area opens up
- this is where you’ll fight some enemies and find one of the wayward children
- children’s classes are predetermined
- stats seem to be affected by their parents
- which child and chapter is unlocked depends on the mother
- child’s appearance is somewhat affected by which father you choose
- children also inherit skills from their parents
- if one of the parents was an assassin, the child may come with the skill Lethality (providing that the parent had learned it already)
- what class the father is may also affect what classes the child can be promoted to through the use of a Second Seal
- Tactician and Chrom unlock kids of their own when they’re married
- this child is a sibling to the child unlocked by the mom.
- your player character can marry any of the females, including one of the children
- as the children can’t have their own children, your kid will end up an only child
- gender is always the opposite of your Tactician’s
- children also have extra support conversations with their parents (and siblings, if they have any)
- support conversation with the mother is always the same
- although the children have the potential to be really strong, they are at fairly low levels
- Paralogues are in general harder than the main chapters
- once you beat the levels, you can use an item to summon monsters to fight there and train with the enemies

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