Fire Emblem: Awakening - class details

- once a unit reaches level 10, he or she can use a Master Seal to upgrade to the next class
- some units can be promoted to one of two different classes
- the Myrmidon can become either an Assassin or a Sword Master
- you can compare your prospective stat changes and what skills you’ll learn on the bottom screen
- Second Seals allow your unit to change class once they’ve reached at least level 10
- the new class will start at level 1
- any unit can use this
- which class they can change to is limited
- Cavalries can hop into Archer or Myrmidon classes
- the Lord can hop into a Cavalier or an Archer
- use the Second Seal on your Advanced Class unit to “promote” them to their previous class at level 1
- each unit learns two skills as they level up
- turning your unit into a Thief will automatically grant him or her the Locksmith skill
- this allows them to open any door or chest without a key
- if you decide you’d like your original unit back, you can transform the unit back and still keep the Locksmith skill
- every time you switch, you will always have the opportunity to level up
- if you hit the maximum level of 20, use a Seal and jump class
- if you maximized your Advanced Class unit, you can use the Seal to jump back to level 1 of your current class while keeping your stats intact.
- every unit does have their own natural stats

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