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XSEED details the costs that go into localizing a game

by rawmeatcowboy
02 April 2013
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A portion of an OperationRainfall interview with XSEED's Jessica Chavez...

OR: Does finance weigh heavily on translating and localizing Japanese games, versus independent development and publishing?

JC: I can’t really speak for what it would cost for independent development (as we’re but a humble publisher), but we have a vast array of costs on our side to consider first if we take on a project.

Helpful(?), and terribly blunt breakdown:

Licensing a game: $$$
Translation & Editing: $$$ + BLOOD & TEARS
Voice Recording: $$$
QA: $$$
Manufacturing: $$$
Shipping: $$$
Marketing: $$$
Mark Downs: $$$$$
Royalties: $$$
ESRB (US Rating): $$$
PEGI (EU Rating): $$$
UK Rating: $$$
USK (German Rating): $$$
Aus/NZ Rating: $$$
Office Snacks: $
Sympathy: –
Interns: …

Full interview here