LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - new details

- over a hundred playable Marvel characters
- lots of familiar Marvel locations.
- play as Thor, Human Torch, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Wolverine and more
- visit Asgard, Stark Tower, the Savage Land, Asteroid M, the X-Men School, the SHIELD Helicarrier and more
- game starts with Silver Surfer when his board is shattered into cosmic bricks
- this is what Loki and the cast of baddies are after
- reclaim the bricks before the villains get a hold of them
- one section has Iron Man and the Hulk fighting against the Sandman in Grand Central Station and the streets of New York
- another section has Thor, Human Torch, Wolverine, and Captain America venturing across the Rainbow Bridge to fight Loki and the frost giants in the halls of Asgard
- Hulk can move heavy objects
- Spider-Man can use his webs to pull switches and levers
- Iron Man can select multiple targets with his missiles
- Human Torch can melt ice
- Thor can power up switches
- Loki can control NPCs and make the activate switches
- building kits, grabbing coins, and smashing everything are all parts of gameplay
- Captain America's shield can deflect weapons
- Spider-Man and Wolverine each have special sense powers that reveal new, hidden interactions in the environment
- Loki has the power to create false copies of himself
- when Wolverine loses too much health, he turns into an animated adamantium skeleton
- Mr. Fantastic turning into a teapot
- 18 heroes in story mode
- unlock some by finding them, others by purchasing with in-game money
- new characters appear in the hub world
- wander around the streets, interacting with the civilians and cars
- visit places like the Raft to the Baxter Building to the Avengers' Mansion to Central Park
- also visit the editor of the Daily Bugle to pick up specific challenges
- find Deadpool's private room, where you can use the comic book viewer

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