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Wii U Developer Direct - Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

by rawmeatcowboy
11 June 2013
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- wanted the new animals to be strong and powerful, which lead them to choosing a Walrus
- This lead to using water animals, like penguins and polar bears
- tying them together as vikings fit the theme
- travel across 5 islands to get back to Donkey Kong island
- battle with the vikings to get your home back
- dynamic camera involves movement in all different angles
- this provides a new gameplay and visual experience
- discussed with Retro how Donkey Kong's fur should be displayed
- this increased development costs
- Dixie and Diddy Kong are featured
- another playable character teased, but can't be revealed
- Dixie can spin her ponytails around to jump even higher
- choose which character to play
- areas that only certain characters can get to
- the idea for picking up enemies/items and tossing them was inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2
- pluck things out of the ground to reveal items
- ground pound, pick up enemies, flip them over, activate switches and solve puzzles
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