Nintendo Web Framework - Gamescom panel details confirm Glandarius Wing Strike port

- aim is to provide web game developers with a simple method of releasing their Javascript and HTML5 games on Wii U
- this makes for very little alteration to their core source code
- programming support libraries like jQuery, Underscore and Handlebars have been tested with the software
- animation and utility libraries like Tween have also been tested
- a representative for Impact showcased how quickly a game programmed in Javascript could be iterated upon using the Wii U dev kit and Web Framework software
- the GamePad shows important statistics and debug options for the software
- games run through the Framework can be quickly compiled on Wii U
- another demo rendered thousands of enemy bullets without causing a single framerate stutter
- this only took the dev a week to get it developed, ported and running on Wii U
- Glandarius Wing Strike is currently in development for Wii U
- developers using the framework will have full access to all the GamePad's functions
- publish games to the eShop using the same guidelines as a traditional developer
- devs can set their own release date and price, bypass any concept approvals and post updates to the game (or post-launch DLC) without paying any certification fees

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