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The Wonderful 101 - Kamiya on target audience, port not likely, advertising, reviews, Bayonetta 2 reaction

by rawmeatcowboy
22 August 2013
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A portion of a VideoGamer interview with Hideki Kamiya...

VG: Given how 101 looks, it's somewhat of a surprise that it's far more aimed at someone who's familiar and comfortable with games than someone's who's not. Who did you think it would appeal to, and who was it aimed at?

HK: It was originally aimed at me... [laughs]. When I make games I never really think about who I'm targeting the game for. I just want to create something that's fun and enjoyed by the audience. I still enjoy, even at this age, superhero themes and transformations. It was just pure creating something that I like and incorporating these other things into the game.

VG: I guess that would also prevent it from ever being a game that could cross platforms too?

HK: With the availability of the two screens, games that were made for the Wii U can't simply be ported across to Sony or Microsoft platforms. We feel that 101 is tuned up very finely for the Wii U.

VG: You were very vocal on Twitter about the marketing on 101 and how Nintendo wasn't approaching it correctly. Do you still feel that way?

HK: [Laughs]. Now I'm very grateful for Nintendo as they're very much pushing 101 forward. Just speaking personally, 101: the game style, the characters, it's all very new - there's no precedent or prequel to the game so there's always that worry in the back of your mind whether users will be a bit too cautious and might not have the courage to play the game and pick up the game. No matter how much we market it, that worry will always be present.

VG: Are those fears less now that the majority of review scores are positive?

HK: Yes, there are many users out there who use reviews when picking up a game, and yes, of course, reviews are important. At the end of the day what's most important for me is what the actual users who pick it up feel about the game. For example, the reviews for Viewtiful Joe and Okami were very good at the time, but whether it lead to high sales... it's not necessarily the case. I don't think just because there are high scores for 101 that it links to the sales. I still have that concern

VG: What was your take on the initial audience reaction (to Bayonetta 2)? A lot of people seemed to be very upset it was Wii U only...

HK: Obviously with the Nintendo partnership Bayonetta 2 was always going to become a Wii U exclusive title. From a personal standpoint I want to make a game that's going to be enjoyed by the audience, so when Nintendo offered to support us and the Bayonetta franchise - which was on the brink of disappearing - I was extremely happy for it survival as we were able to release a second one for the people who enjoyed the first.

In that sense, I was very surprised at the user response when they found out it was Wii U only.

Full interview here