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Nyamyam talks Tengami Wii U development, touch screen controls, release date, sequel and more

by rawmeatcowboy
28 August 2013
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Coming from a Nintendo Life interview with Nyamyam's Phil Tossell...

On developing the Wii U version

"In total we've probably been working for about three weeks total. The first two weeks was kind of like feasibility, to see how much time it was going to take to do. Within two weeks we had the vast majority of it working, which was quite a significant task as we had to not only port all of the game stuff but all of our tools as well, which are Mac-based. Thankfully it was always our intention to be multi-platform, so from previous experience I knew what kind of things to look out for. It was quicker than we expected.

The Wii U is nice to develop for. The software APIs are really nice and the graphics system is, too. To be honest, the SDK for the GameCube was good — the Wii U feels like a further evolution of that."

On iOS touch screen vs. GamePad touch screen

"I kept saying to Jennifer that it wasn't going to work, but actually it's not too bad. We swapped the double-tap for movement on the iOS for a single-tap on the Wii U, because on a capacitive touchscreen it's very easy to do a single tap accidentally. That's not the case on a resistive screen, so it felt like a double-tap wasn't necessary. It seems to work really well with the stylus."

On not choosing 3DS

"The problem we have is that there's a lot of high resolution edge detail in Tengami, and we'd lose that. "We were actually slightly concerned about the Wii U GamePad screen, as that's not HD resolution. My concern with the 3DS is that it won't have enough resolution, and whether or not we'd be able to port it without looking messy."

On supporting Wii U

"You can have a lot of success on a single platform — Rare is proof of that — and I think those conditions are there with the Wii U. There aren't a lot of developers working on the system right now."

On future ideas and sequel potential

"We have a couple of game ideas that are different from Tengami. One of the deciding factors will be how players react to Tengami. The question is still what will come back from the people who play it? Will they want to see more pop-up games, or will one be enough? I don't know if there will be a Tengami 2 — at least not straight away — but there's a lot of room for exploration with the pop-up style."

On Tengami's release date

"Wii U will be Q1 2014 — it could be a few weeks after the iOS edition or a couple of months, but certainly no more than three months We have the Wii U version running in parity with the iOS version in terms of features, but we may be able to add stuff that makes it even better — such as alternative control schemes and better ways of interacting. We've considered using the Wii Remote for control, but we'll have to see."