More Brawl details

- While playing a mini-game on the WarioWare stage, your damage will decrease slightly if you pass the game.
- Meta Knight has a pink colored costumer as well
- Sothe = AT (somersault kick)
- Music addictions: Animal Crossing Main Theme, Balloon Fight’s Balloon Trip music, WarioWare Main Theme, Yoshi’s Island: “Ending BGM”, “Athletic”, Norfair: “Brinstar BGM”, “Samus’s Theme”, “Metroid Ending Theme”
- When you start a match, the background music is displayed.
- Sandbag - hit him to knock items out
- WarioWare stage: 8 minigames including “Don’t Move”.
- Snake’s Remote Mine can give anywhere from 10-20% damage
- Kirby’s Dash Move = “Gazer Spiral”

Huge thanks to Trix for the heads up!


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