We just received our first glimpse of The Super Mario Bros. Movie via the new trailer in the recent Nintendo Direct. As part of the presentation, Illumination’s Chris Meledandri was also on hand to give us an update on the movie’s musical score.

According to Meledandri, the film’s composer, Brian Tyler, will be assisted by none other than longtime Mario composer Koji Kondo! Kondo will be on hand to help integrate “classic themes” into the movie’s score. We can hear snippets of these classic tunes in the new trailer already, but it sounds like there’ll be more in the final film. Since Kondo is probably most famous for his work on Mario’s iconic tunes, it only makes sense that they’d want him on hand to ensure they turn out perfectly for the movie.

Scoring for the film will apparently commence in just 11 days, on Monday, October 17, 2022. The score will primarily be composed by Brian Tyler, who is known for his work on Marvel movies, Fast and the Furious movies, and many more. Stay tuned for more info as production for The Super Mario Bros. Movie continues.

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That’s great. Music and score is important so glad the original composer is involved.


1+ y ago

Anything Brian Tyler can do, Koji Kon-do better with the movie's soundtrack.

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1+ y ago

Hell yes Kondo, get it done


1+ y ago

This movie is gona be a hit