UPDATE: This pilot animatic has been removed from YouTube. Animator Seth Kearsley mentioned that “an old friend at Disney politely asked” for the animatic to be taken down. Hopefully you saw it while it was available!

You can see our original post on this topic below.

A couple of weeks ago, veteran animator Seth Kearsley revealed details for a scrapped Kingdom Hearts television series.

Kearsley initially posted some cast notes and script segments related to the canceled project. As it turns out, however, that wasn’t all he had in store for us.

Today, Kearsley posted the full pilot animatic for the series. The video was uploaded to his personal YouTube channel and runs just over 11 minutes in length, the standard for many animated series. It can be seen in its entirety above.

The upload isn’t a fully finished and polished version of the pilot. Instead, it’s a rough draft called an animatic. Animators commonly put these animatics together in order to get a general idea of how the finished product will look. The video here features full voice acting, though it’s unclear if this was the final product planned or an early version used for this draft.

Kearsley also mentioned that this pilot, which features Sora, Donald, and Goofy traveling to the Cave of Wonders from Disney’s Aladdin, was actually shown to a test audience of children. According to the him, “… it tested better than anything else they were testing in that round.”

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The whole scene starting at the 9 minute mark... Holy moly I can't even.