LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has only been out for a day, and we’re already learning about easter eggs hidden in the game. This one isn’t just any easter egg though, it’s a Xenoblade easter egg! It seems that if you find and talk to a character known as “Disco Director” he’ll respond with some very familiar lines to fans of Shulk and the original Xenoblade Chronicles. See the above video from GameXplain to see it in action.

What’s even cooler though, is that this tip of the hat comes from none other than Adam Howden, the voice of Shulk himself, as evidenced by the tweet below.

What other video game related easter eggs will show up in LEGO: Star Wars next? Maybe you can unlock the Monado in there somewhere? Probably not, but we’ll keep searching…

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2y ago

Saw on twitter that there is even more xenoblade references, in form of the qte bubbles (its posted as a a answer in the twitter thread)


2y ago

No "Now it's Reyn Time!"? Man, what a bunch of jokers! You can't have a rainbow without Reyn, baby!