Gamespot Posts Their Top 25 Nintendo DS Games

Touching is still good

10 March 2022
by quence 1

The Nintendo DS is long out of commission, but that won’t stop us from appreciating its innovations and extensive library of great games. Now, Gamespot is weighing in with their editorial team’s personal picks for the top 25 DS games of all time.

What made the list that you do or don’t agree with? Did they leave off any hidden gems? Take a look at the complete article and let us know what you think.

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2+ y ago

DS is my favorite system, and its a shame this list reads as if they just lifted it from someone who wrote it 5 years ago. The system has so much to offer, and its a shame to see people lift Chrono Trigger (and others) to a debatable unwarranted spot on a list for the system, because I know 99 times out of 100, the writer didnt play the game on DS, defeating the purpose of the placement and list imo.

Kudos to them foe putting Henry Hatsworth, at least. It's not a game I enjoy personally, but definitely one you don't hear about every list.